These are my three little sisters. Bianca.(11) Dasia.(1) Hanna.(7)

I love this picture. I think it was taken one of my brothers basketball games. I wish I could keep all three locked in that exact moment. Holding hands. Walking side by side. But I know they have to grow up and encounter the world head on.

Dear World and to whomever it may concern,

These are my younger sisters. They are girls and they are precious to me. They are my heart.  Don’t fuck with them. I know many men and silly boys will come into their lives…even starting now for Bianca.  I know some will run game and break their hearts and make broken promises and do really really stupid stuff. No. They will do stupid shit. I must say, that while humans make mistakes, if I ever get a call from one of the girls crying and some guy’s name is mixed into that sentence as the reason that she is crying…I will hunt you down and torture you. I will dismember you. I will cut you.

I know they will encounter catty girls that will play games and gossip and betray them and steal their crushes and hurt their feelings. I know. I know. We are human. We have this addictive behavior of hurting each other. Its fine. Its fine. But if you hurt them, if those girls ever experience pain because a girl was being a bitch because her mom obviously did something wrong…I will come after you. I will do things to you. Like make your life a living hell. I will rain havoc on you. I am not God. I am not perfect. But with all my might, I will do everything in my fierce power to protect those girls at all cost.

These three girls are my sisters.  I love them dearly. I rave about them all the time. I rave about Bianca’s intellect, Hanna’s dancing and fashion sense and Dasia’s sense of wonder and all of their beauty. These girls are my little sisters. They are growing up. Be careful with them. Because I will personally hunt down every single person who ever makes their life harder than it need be.

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