Air. Water. Earth. Fire. ~ Musings on Tattoos

I am fascinated by the myth of the doppleganger. My friend Kevin’s screenplay highlighted my thoughts in new and interesting ways. Another legend, myth, whatever you want to call it that fascinates me is that story of the FOUR ELEMENTS. I read an essay once on Aristotle and his thoughts about it in Rhetorical Theory. I saw the movie the fifth element and recently I have reread things I’ve written about balance, nature, and the basics.

I’ve known that I wanted three tattoos while I was getting my first. Why? I don’t know. Its like when I got my second ear hold. I knew that I wanted ten piercings total. I made it to seven before coporate america pulled in the reins. So maybe the tattoo is the same thing. Although more thought has to go into it because I’m permanantly marking my body. It can’t just be I’m 18 and I want to rebel or I’m 21 and drunk or I’m 25 and in love and I really want his name plastered across my ass.


So the first was the flower in a slightly suggestive place and what comes to mind is a scene from a Tennessee Williams play where the character says, “Everything you do is suggestive,” My tattoo is dedicated to that.

The second tattoo came about how? I don’t really remember. I wanted something simple. That’s always the key for me. As simply as possible. As basic as possible. Nothing elaborate. Just simply stated.

I wanted it to be tribal. I remember the tattoo on Dark Angel and the tattoo on Smallville. I remember Egyption scribing on things and images I’ve seen. I wanted it to feel not shiny and modern but historic and tribal.

And I wanted it to have everything to do with me.

At some point I settled on wanting some kind of symbol of the four elements. That was as basic as I could get.

I finally found the Alchemy’s Symbol of the Four Elements thanks to Kelly who’s body is living art.

I hope you don’t mind the blurriness and the stickiness still left over from the tape of the bandage that was just taken off.

Air. Water. Earth. Fire.

That’s what my tattoo symbolizes.

What are the essentials that make up Sheena? When you take away all the labels, all the mask, all the games and bullshit. When you strip her bare and its late at night and she’s crying out to God…who is that person? When she’s alone and she takes a moment to actually look into the mirror and see her reflection….who is that person?

I’ve been finding the answers and then questions that come after asking that. I’ll finish this train of thought another time.

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