I googled you. You live 16.8 miles from my home. A twenty eight minute drive the directions said. It doesn’t frighten me as much today. Some days it scares the hell out of me. Today, go ahead and pass by me on the street.

You let your son down.

Its as simple as that. Because of the difference between your words and your actions. He’ll learn that about you. You prayers said you wanted to be a righteous man but your hand followed the contours of my body. You have always struggled with letting your words be consistent with your actions. To me, I get it. I’m fine. You’re stupid.

I have no clue what is to become of you. Thank God its not within my power to decide. Why don’t you just leave well enough alone and just leave our entire family alone. Just leave us completely alone. Never call. Never write. Never visit. Just live your life with your new demented family. Its that simple. Why do you continue to torture your children?

If only, I could wish you away.

All your words are verbs. They describe fabricated bullshit. You never state a noun…that would actually require you to do something.

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