The beginnings of my manifesto or heretics

1. I will see the sacred/holy in everyday.

Jewish spirituality is a matter of seeing the holy in the everyday. When we wake up and see the morning light, that’s a spiritual moment according to Judaism. When we taste food and are nourished. When we learn from others and grow wise. When we embrace people we love and receive their love in return. But you have to open your eyes to see them. Otherwise, you miss it. Remember the famous phrase from Genesis when Jacob wakes up from his dream? “God was in this place, and I did not know it.”

2. I will be fully present in every given moment.

When God was ready to give Moses the Torah on Mt. Sinai, he said to Moses, “Come up to me on the mountain, and be there.” If God told Moses to come up on the mountain, then why did God also say be there? Where else could he be? Not only did God want Moses to be up on the mountain, God wanted him also to be fully present.

3. I will let my meditations/prayers translate into actions.

Jewish meditation is a discipline, but only if it leads you to action.

4. I will live in harmony with the earth.

Sustainability. Renewable resources. Fair Trade. Eco-Friendly lifestyle. I will attempt to have a granola way of life.

5. I will take full responsibility for my actions

A spiritual person today has to realize that mind, body, and soul are all one. We must cultivate these gifts to the best of our ability. Exercise. Diet. Seeing the body as sacred. In Judaism, again, the body and the mind and the soul are all inter-connected.

6. I will live in the questions.

A spiritual person must acknowledge life’s mysteries, even the questions that have no answers. It means to entertain doubt. Remember that the name Israel itself means “one who wrestles with God.”. So it’s okay to cry to God, yell at God, curse God, praise God. Acknowledge the mysteries of why things happen that we don’t understand. You just can’t ignore God.

7. I will be a social activist.

We are called to be a voice to the voiceless. As a citizen of the world, I must ask, what is my responsibility? Social issues that interest me. Sexuality. (moral/christian sexuality and education. abuse/crimes. same-sex orientation) Education. The Inner City & Poverty. Environmental Sustainability. The Family…..

8. I must LOVE or DIE.

Intolerance or Tolerance are not acceptable. Judgmentalism is not acceptable. Every human being should be guaranteed civil rights, no matter what nation, religion, age or sex. A human is a human, there is no sect beyond, beneath, or above that.

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