Taking the law into my own hands

A lot of people from my childhood, believe it a dream deferred.

Did I take the easy way out by not becoming that lawyer, we all knew I would be?

MNL explained it best when it said I am an advocate rooting for the under dog. He also said in that same voice that my mother was the litigator and I find that fitting.

Michael says in theater and culture, we must give a voice to the voiceless.

That has been my story.

I didn’t defer my dream.

I refined it.

The word I didn’t know then was ADVOCATE.

I suppose its only the obvious thing. I suppose that’s why I don’t do subtle, why I say it all.

Because I fear the detrimental results if I don’t say it.

So I must. I will speak out loud. and I will never regret it.

I have yet to regret anything in my life this far.

Even the most haunting nightmares, make me the woman that I am.

So I don’t wish the story of Daniel away.

I don’t wish the death of James away.

I don’t wish any part of it away.

I breath life into those stories.

And I will tell them until I can no longer speak and even then, I will sign them out in the biggest gestures.

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