“You do yourself an injustice by not seeing yourself as a whole person.”

Lynn had me role play this week. She was sheena and I was the therapist.

This was all in response to my own voice of judgment telling me that I am “damaged goods”

How do you judge someone? More accurately, how do you measure someone’s character. Not by what has happened to them. Perhaps some judge by what you do. You know, actions speak louder than words. That sort of thing.

We rarely measure a person’s character by what has happened to them. Perhaps by how they have endured and what they have now become.

We live in an age of opportunity and choice. So if you want to be damaged goods, than by all means embrace that and let it be your definition.

But if you want to thrive pass your circumstances and victimization, you have to take on a new role all together.

If you must seek restoration, restore yourself. You do yourself an injustice by not being whole.

Christianity also perpetuates this mind frame of “damage.” We are indoctrinated to believe from birth that we are sinners. We don’t measure up. Only by grace do we have a chance.

I’m done carrying the weight of Eve’s selfish choice.

I may have been born into a sinful world but my mother didn’t birth damage.

Today I am whole and restoring myself.

My choices may be wrong, immature or hurtful but the essence of my self is energy. Sin does not reside in energy.

Today I am taking on myself again and not my circumstances, voices of judgement or christianity’s Eve. Today I will be fully Sheena. I don’t go by any other name.

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