Boneyard Prayer creates pixie dust

Tonight we opened for the second time.
I believe the combination of dirt flying, haze lingering, and music haunting led to one of the most magical nights I’ve experienced.

Each night another lyric, another song speaks to me.
Tonight Kasey sang during Fancy Things “Men promised the world and the world let you down.”

I keep meaning to write on that line. I know someone who promises to turn the world over on my behalf and yet I think, at the end of the day what would that matter. To own, rule, or move the world? I’d like to affect, change, perhaps alter the world…but I don’t need promises of having it for myself.

Frank said the show was a “mini spiritual spectacle”

All one has to do is google Boneyard Prayer to find that the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Critic, and Chicago SunTimes agree.

It feels good to read these beautiful thoughtful critiques. Yet I am reminded of David Mamet’s, “Address to the American Theater Critics Convention” found in his compilation of essays in “Writing in Restaurants.” Therefore, I understand Alex’s hesitancy to read them anyway.

But I appreciate that people are “enjoying” the experience of this show. Perhaps I mean appreciating it.

I dedicate each show to someone. Tonight the show belonged to Lola Olateju. One of the most phenomenal women that I know. One of the most beautiful, creative, and loving people that I know. She has had a rough month with many personal things going on. And I wish I could take all that was good with my heart and give it to her.

Last night Alice sung, “The earth will take me home….” And I thought of the recent death/suicide of Gabe. Who is also Lola’s ex boyfriend. I’m not sure whats going on in the world right now.

There has been so much real life heartache during the creation of this show. If you are one that prays, evoke the spirit of your god to dwell with us in the dirt.

There are rumors of an extension. I would love that. But Frank did caution us that we need to check in with our psyche. This show can affect us in ways we were not expecting. The mood of it can grab onto us and follow us throughout the rest of our day. We must take care of our hearts, our emotions, and our souls during the run of this show.

If we want to do our audience a justice each night, we must take care of ourselves. We gotta make sure we don’t slowly go crazy. I remember a day as Natalia and I were sweeping, watering, and gathering the dirt and I found a secret hole that led under the stage in which a lot of dirt was escaping. I climbed into the hole..which extended far more than I originally thought and began to shift the dirt towards the light.

I do not believe its natural to dig your own grave and lay in it before its time. And I had a moment in that dark coffin full of dirt where I was almost completely freaked out.

But it’s a show. It’s a theater piece. A mini spiritual spectacle. And the emotions and images, though they speak to my heart…I do not have to let them haunt me in dreadful scary ways.

I believe everything happens when it should. This show is where it should be in each of our lives.

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