Homemade Dishwashing Liquid

I came across a fairly simple recipe for Dishwashing Liquid. I haven’t tried it yet because I haven’t run out of my store bought brand, but I wanted to post what I came across on Backwoods Home. She states that its a thin solution and doesn’t bubble but I’m used to that from other products I make at home like my face wash. You can substitute lavendar out for any of your own favorite scents. I’m working on a line of products for personal use that have a signature smell, so I won’t reveal the exact mixture of oils that I use but the one below sounds wonderful.


3 Tbsp. of liquid lavender castile soap

2 cups of warn water

2 tsp. of vegetable glycerin

2 tbps of white vinegar

10 drops of lavender essential oil.


Mix all ingredients in a har, cover and shake well to blend.

A similar recipe I came across uses some of the same ingredients. I cant find the link to who’s recipe it is and I feel bad for that. (Side note – I keep finding many natural websites listing recipes now and if you are googling information and taking someone else’s recipe the right thing to do would be to give credit to them. Most cooking websites do that and the same ethically guideline should be followed amongs these natural websites. I find that absolutely ridiculous.)


1 1/2 cup of water

1/2 cup of Liquid castile soap

2 tsps of vegetable glycerin

20 drops of essential oil


Mix all ingredients in a har, cover and shake well to blend.

What do you use to wash your dishes?

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