Homemade Tub and Tile Cleaner

It’s pretty simple.


1/2 cup of baking soda

A few squirts of liquid castille soap


Pour half a cup of baking soda into a bowl. (I save the containers my food deliveries come in and have random bowls here and there for this sort of thing!)

Pour enough liquid castille soap to create a paste like consistency. (Almost like toothpaste. I used lavendar)

Stir until its the right consistency.

I then slathered this mix until the scrubber that I use and went to town on my bathtub and the walls made of tile.

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  • It worked perfectly.
  • It smelled great because of the lavendar.
  • I knew exactly what I was using. It was simple.
  • It contained ingredients that are always in the house.
  • It took me less than two minutes to prepare.

I wonder if this will work for my toilet and bathroom sink as well. That would be great! I’ll have to research it! To add a bit of an antibacterial quality to it, you will want to add peppermint essential oil.

I’m telling you, my bathroom smelled so good. Bye bye store bought bathroom cleaners! Even the natural and “green” ones. I don’t need you anymore. :)

What do you use to clean your bathroom with?

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  • NaturalReview

    Trying it this weekend. Thanks!

    • SLY

      @ NaturalReview, my favorite is using lavendar castile soap with the baking soda. Just makes it smell so AMAZING! Just like a spa!

  • Trinity@ Tilecleaner

    Amazing technique! How did you get this?

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