Vintage SLY: Memories of Liz

Originally written November 2005

Before I turned into a bitch of a roommate, my old roommate Liz and I had some great times together. Here is a recap of one of them.
So one day my roommate wore this skirt of mine that laces up the side but reveals a bit of leg and she was telling me how she enjoyed the skirt and how people said that skirt was “scandalous”

“Who said that?” I asked wondering because they didn’t dare say that when I wore it.

“Well Kate.” Liz said, “But it was just my leg [showing], its not likeit was my crotch.”

So Liz says this and I grab a pen and head to our quote wall to write. “It was just my leg. Its not like it was my crotch.”

So moments later when Liz looks for it on our board she finds it andstarts laughing.

“Did I spell it wrong, Liz?” i ask. she continues to laugh. “Liz. Howdo you spell crotch?” I ask.

The board said, It was just my leg. Its not like it was my crouch.

“You spelled crouch,” Liz says laughing.

So I go to my computer and turn on Word, so I can spell check and figure out how to spell crotch. Liz is now on the floor laughing. “Are you going to look it up on” she ask me. (Its what i always do when i’m writing a paper. its a handy website)

“No,” I say, “I’m spell checking it on word.”

By the time I corrected the phrase on our board it looked terrible. It looked like cratch. cro4ch. croach. and some other crap. Liz kept laughing. “Stop laughing Liz. Its not like I use the word crotch in every day conversation. Why would I need to know how to spell it?”

Liz collapsed on the floor again, “You’re an idiot,” she said.

And that was that moment.

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