Creative Souls: Kamau Bakari Abayomi and Alice Yu

I happened upon a few creative artist that peaked my interest. And when I say creative, I mean to my liking. There is a certain aesthetic that pleases me.

First there is Kamau Bakari of Pitch Black Gold and True Creative Activity. Perhaps when the new artist series takes off, he will be featured as well. Good god, I hope so. I just want to have tea with this man and let my spirit be at peace!

Last night I watched Game UnSet Shift on youtube and I was hooked. Watch it below.

The second artist that has captivated me is Alice Yu of Mind Over Matter.

I believe she’s just an all around creative soul but it seems her focus is on photography. There’s a lot more to it than that though. Seriously, my eyes had an orgasm while looking through her archives. She is just phenomenal and twisted in all the best ways.

My favorite post so far is  I Slept With Mr. Insomnia. Perhaps because I’m partial to any sort of Mr. considering my own Mr. Series.

The power of art is intoxicating.

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