We were excited that our love could move mountains,

But we forgot about the landslides it would create.

We neglected to total the cost of the environmental impact,

That loving each other would take.

I believe the earth is now calling for her retribution.

Although she says it would not give us any absolution.

I see now,

It was all too soon.

There was nothing to contain our love.

And now the vibrations we sent to each other,

And the sweets making of love we made to each,

Have been realigned



They’ve been mutated.

And their end has been redesignated.

And the earth is now calling out for her retribution.

She has summoned the lord of the skies,

And there is fire burning to earth from hell.

The water has turned.

The wind has changed.

And there is a vast emptiness

Because we took the highest peak,

We moved it and claimed it as ours.

And now that those vibrations have dissipated

Everything is just disintegrating.

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  • OneSurvivor

    Very poignant poem. My heart goes out to you. Sending hugs, if you want.

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