Sauteed Swiss Chard

Earlier this year I applied to buy a half share of vegetables and a half share of fruit from a local CSA (Community Support Agriculture). This came about after learning a lot about sustainability via my dear friend Sam Schwartz.

A post about my experience volunteering at the CSA pickup site in the pouring rain while wearing a skirt and flip flops is forthcoming with pictures but this short post is to show what I did with one of the vegetables I picked up this week.

I enjoy that fact that I don’t know what I will receive until a few days before. It all depends on the weather, how the crops are growing and what’s ready. I appreciate that the CSA provides recipes and info on storing the vegetables each week. They also have on-hand chefs who cook the veggies to show you just what you can do.

Even when I receive the email that list what’s in the weekly share, I realize I don’t know what half the things are.  That might scare some people. It excites me. It means I have to learn about new vegetables, try new recipes and expand my palate.

Yesterday along with receiving garlic, onions, kale, red leaf lettuce, cilantro and strawberries, I also received Swiss Chard. I have never eaten swiss chard before and was a little scared. Especially since the hand out listed a swiss chard pie. Something about that freaked me out. Well, I just googled “swiss chard recipes” and discovered I could cook them the same way I sometimes cook greens.


~Swiss Chard (from my weekly CSA)

~Garlic (from my weekly CSA)

~Onions (from my weekly CSA)

~Pepper (freshly ground pepper)

~Salt (freshly ground sea salt)

~Olive Oil


~Lightly coat your skillet with olive oil and heat.

~Once heated add the chopped swiss chard, garlic, and onions.

~Season to taste.

~Let sautee for just a few moments.


Do you participate in a CSA? Have you ever cooked with Swiss Chard? What else can I do with it?

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