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(Originally drafted so long ago, that I don’t even remember when ~SLY)

I’ve recently had the same conversation with a number of people. Therefore, I must address this. Trust me, it makes your life so much simpler and more organized.

First, RSS FEEDS. Do you know what these are? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Using which ever platform suits you best, you can go to ONE place to read all the blogs, websites, and news that you love. This saves you time. Instead of visiting 100 sites of day, you can just go to Google Reader for example. All your subscriptions are listed. You can organize them by folder. Add notations and such. The possibilities are endless. It works wonderfully for those blogs that don’t update every day. Instead of constantly going to their website, I  can just check Google Reader and I’ll know what’s going on. The picture below is a screenshot of my current Google Reader account. Click on the picture for a larger view.

Now as you can see I have way too many articles and post to read. 1000+. I’ve gone over two weeks without checking them and so they pile up. Right now I’m in the process of simplifying my google reader subscriptions. Point is, I have way too many! But the point for you to take away is: Save yourself a few minutes a day by subscribing to RSS feeds. You will no longer have to bookmark a billion sites. There’s one place to go to find everything you need. In case you are wondering, there is an RSS feed for Sociology of Sheena as well. Its located at the very top of this site on the right. Click the little orange box. Long time readers know that sometimes I might go a week without updating and then on a day like today, all of sudden there are 10 new posts. I have an issue with pacing. :)

In the future I will talk about Hootsuite, Evernote, Xmarks, Zipcar, Swaptree, Rent the Runway, Groupon and various Iphone apps.

What helpful tips, apps, sites do you know of that helps make your life easier?

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  • Kim Lampe

    I love Evernote.

    • SLY

      Evernote makes life SO much better!

  • Joanna M. Doane

    Thanks to Google reader I saw this new post of yours. LoL

    • SLY

      :) The day I discovered Google Reader, my life became so much better. But I have too many subscriptions now. I need to scale back!

  • Tracie

    Google reader has made my blogging life organized.
    I actually have a “Read Everyday” folder set up of the blogs that I don’t want to miss a post. All the other ones go into the general folder and when I have extra time in a week I read most of them….but if I don’t get to all of them I click that handy “mark all as read” button and release myself to move forward and start over the next day. Setting up folders makes Google Reader even more wonderful!

    • SLY

      OOOOH, i love the idea about a read it every day folder. SUCH A GREAT IDEA for those with a billion subscriptions.

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