Spicy Vegan Black Bean & Corn Soup

Yesterday’s CSA pick up included corn, celery, and sweet italian peppers. I wasn’t ready just yet to make my corn chowder and so I decided to concoct a spicy soup. At the last minute I decided to make it a black bean/corn soup. (At first it was just going to feature corn.) I really just played around with this recipe. You can add or take away what ever you’d like. This version is vegan.


1/3 of  a green bell peppers

1/3 of a yellow bell peppers

LOTS of garlic

A dash of olive oil

3 kernels of corn cut from the cobb – (save the cobbs!)

some stalks of celery

2 jalepenos

1 italian sweet pepper

1/2 of a tomato

A shot of hot sauce

1/2 of an onion

Some vegetable stock (not sure how much I used)

Seasonings that you like. (I used chilid powder, hot shot, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, and a special spicy blend I once purchased at a street fair from an french farmer.


1. Saute onion, bell peppers, garlic and jalapeno for a few minutes in a pot…also boil some water in another pot with the cobs from the corn. (Later when adding your vegetable stock…add some of this cobb-ed infused water too!)

2. Add the celery & sweet peppers. Perhaps add a dash of seasoning.

3. Add the stock, beans, and tomatoes.

4. Add the corn and even more seasonings.

5. Let simmer.

6. Taste often until you feel its ready.


It was wonderful. Perhaps a bit too spicy actually but I ate every drop. This recipe made enough for two bowls the night of and lunch & dinner the next day. I was’t sure that I’d like the tomatoes inside this soup because the cooked texture of tomatoes don’t appeal to me but I found myself licking the bowl.

Next time I will add carrots and lots of lime. I didn’t have it on hand this time. This could also be served over rice. This isn’t too far from my vegan black bean soup and it sort of reminds me of tortilla soup. You could also add chicken or bacon to this recipe and a dollop of sour cream or some cheese.  There are vegan and vegetarian versions of all those things mentioned.

Try it and let me know what you think!

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  • Irendi

    I might try this for iftar next week! Thx!

  • Tonya

    Man, I want to try this!! This seems like a yummy take on corn chowda, which is definitely a great memory from my childhood. Growing up in New England my mom made corn chowder on snow days and when there was a nor’easter 😀

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