I Deprive No One With My Abundance

“I deprive no one with my abundance.”

This quote is slightly adapted from a quote in “The Artist Way” which is the current book for Read. Blog. Discuss. Her exact quote was, “We deprive no one with our abundance.” I reccommend reading the book to fully understand what that quote means. It spoke volumes to me. Please note this definition of abundance is overflowing fullness such as an abundance of the heart.

In the past I have felt an “abundant living guilt” when compared to others. While my dreams came true to move to New York on my own terms in my own beautiful sanctuary, I felt bad that others who wanted the same thing did not have it. The list could continue… My artistic career as a stage manager, my beautiful relationships with family, friends and the love of my life. My paycheck. My creative life in writing, dancing and all around exploring.

My life is abundant. My heart is full. My spirit is well. I’m living my life on my own terms. I wouldn’t change a thing and my creative self is fed and nourished and satisfied. I have NO complaints!

My spiritual and conscious self are satisfied too. I know who I am. I know where I stand spiritually, morally and socially. I have a voice, I use it and I know no fear. I am a full bodied woman with no doubt and my strength, courage and determination would put many to shame.

While living in the now of the life I have chosen, I have at times, felt guilty for others who want similar things and do not have them. I’ve wondered should I do less? Is it selfish of me to have the freedom to live as the spirit moves me. Should I turn down an opportunity so that some one else has a chance to step up to the plate? Should I take a “humble” posture? Is it somehow spiritually unpleasing to god that I want for nothing because at some point the universe finds a way to give me what I need?

I only entertain these silly notions for a short while because in my soul I know the questions have no merit. The challenge was that I couldn’t find a way to articulate it. The chapter that I’m currently reading found the words I was unable to find on my own. It’s neatly wrapped up in the quote below.


The universe conspires with us. God wants to provide for us. He wants to gift us. He wants to see us prosper and flourish. He wants you to live in abundance. On top of this god is not selective, racist, sexist or anti anyone. He is not human therefore stop attributing anthropomorphic emotions and tendencies.

What he has to offer is available to ALL of us. He presents it in many different ways catered to each of us but the opportunity is ours for the taking. Therefore there is no sense in comparing an abundance with a lack. If you find you are lacking for something in your life, take a meditative posture to clear your mind and then figure out the source of the lack. Because we have the opportunity to live the life we want. There is no excuse. The resources are there. Free and Costly. But they are there. Once you know the source of your lack take the necessary steps to improve your life.

Whether you were born with a platinum spoon in your mouth or had to eat with your hands… Life is yours. Live it fully and have no guilt for your creative abundance, spiritual abundance or anything for that matter. Everyone has equal opportunity to have overflowing fullness. There is nothing wrong with the fact that you’ve figured out how to do it. Others just need to jump on board. You are not depriving anyone because all your dreams come true. You are not depriving anyone because your soul is well or you just finished writing your best selling novel. There are enough ideas in the world for everyone to live their creative life too!

This post was written selfishly for me for the days when I may self sabotage because of the guilt in living my own life on my own terms. There is no need for guilt. I am loving The Artist Way!

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  • Meggs

    I love this post! I think this is something a lot of survivors of any type of trauma deal with. I know I’ve dealt with guilt – just for being happy! So silly! God didn’t create us to be miserable. We’re created to share in the wonder and the beauty of the other parts of His creation. Tapping into our talents is definitely something to CELEBRATE. Thanks for reminding us of that. =) I do believe we’re blessed when we figure out that it goes both ways. Abundance is beautiful, and sometimes so is want. There’s a balance to it all and one is as beautiful as the other if we are intuitive enough to “get” it. The want allows us to appreciate the abundance. It’s necessary to experience the want at times, but it’s NOT necessary to stay in the want. When the opportunity to gain is there, we step into it knowing that it’s beautiful… and definitely not something to hide away from.

    • SLY

      I agree Megss… the “want”, the “desire”, the “yearning” is what keeps us moving forward. But then we have to embrace the opportunities before us. Its similar to the “starving artist” myth. Its this thing where people sometimes believe to be an authentic artist you have to starve and to be a successful artist means you have sold out. No, its not automatically humble and noble to stay in the starving stage. Its more than ok to have an abundantly full life or creativity and happiness. And those who experience it don’t have to feel guilty. Everyone can tap into the lifestyle, if they choose.

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