Things That Captivate Me

Let Your Child’s Schooling Release her Education here. (Sometimes I entertain a light notion that if I were a parent, I’d homeschool my children. ~ SLY )

Charlotte Mason Education here. (Interesting. ~ SLY)

Egregious Packaging Hall of Shame here. (This is actually one of the things that does not make sense to me. Especially when “sustainable” companies do this! I heard there’s a European country that makes the company responsible for disposing of the waste of its packaging and therefore the companies became really smart, sustainable and efficient in how they sell their products. I wish I could remember which country ~ SLY)

Keep It Weird, Ritual Healing here. (You know how I am about rituals. This is my kind of article ~ SLY)

Live Like a God and You Will Attract Godly Friends here. (Exactly. ~ SLY)

Fishbowl Water Faucet Encourages Water Conservation or Else here. (Reminds me of the Sesame Street video I posted on my Sustainable Families series here ~ SLY)

My life list here (I love this idea of making a physical representation of each item on your list! [different than a vision board which I’m not into anyway] Then once you’ve completed the task, you put them in a pretty jar! I AM SO STEALING HER IDEA and one day I’m buying that camera bag in black! ~ SLY)

45 Creative Resumes here. (I’ve been entertaining doing a more dynamic paper resume and portfolio for my Stage Manager and Theater Artist Resumes and I need to update my Professional Corporate one as well. These stand out but still do not reflect what I have in mind. Just you wait and see ~ SLY)

From Inspiration to Reality: Design here. (Definitely stealing this idea. Love this photo shoot. Love the concept. LOVE LOVE LOVE! ~ SLY)

Wedding Ideas from Local NYC Designers here. (If I had a wedding and it was more on the granola side, it would have so many of these elements. But as we know should Mr. Officer and I ever marry, we would elope on a magical island and the world would probably find out ten years later! Sorry mom. ~ SLY)

I Never Saw Another Butterfly here. (This poem moved me! Just wow. Jewish history intrigues me. I can’t even put this into words ~ SLY)

7 No Sew Projects for Your Home here. (When my friend Amber doesn’t have time to sew me things, this post comes in handy! ~ SLY)

The Sketchbook Project here. (I’m participating. Especially considering how I love to journal and do collage work inside of them! ~ SLY)

The Sketchbook Project: 2011


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  • Irendi

    -I’ve started a life list, so yeah, this idea is the bees’ knees, lol! I’m stealing it!

    -Sketchbook Project: I love LOVE the concept…and I’m thinking of participating. I’ve never previously heard of it, so thanks chica!

    • SLY

      @Irendi, I’m so excited for the sketchbook project. I had never heard of it before either. There were similar types of things but not this specific one. I love the lift list. I started doing it this weekend. I’m using brown butterflies and am hanging them in my bedroom above my bed. I sort of like that concept since my bed is where I sleep and dream. I finally finished cutting all the butterflies out. Now I need to write my life list in white ink.

  • Tracie

    The list thing is awesome. I’m going to have to give it some thought.

    Thanks for the education ones. I always find them interesting.

    Love the Sketchbook project. Still working it out, but hopefully I’m going to get to do it (and maybe Katarina too!!)

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