Bullying – My story and My advice

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  • Eco Mama

    Aww… mama me gives little kid you a big hug and kiss on the head. it never ceases to amaze me how horrible human beings can be to each other. You still turned out so beautiful. (It’s hard for me to imagine you as a dorky kid, but then again weren’t we all kind of dorky as kids?) Thank you for sharing your story, I’m sure it will be helpful.
    Eco Mama

    • SLY

      @Eco Mama, I was like class A dork. If they gave out trophies for the dorkiest, I’d win every time. LOL! But, even though I was a dork, I was confident in myself which helped. I never took their nasty words as truths for my lives. THANK GOD! But it amazes me too, the things people do to each other.

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