“The Secret” Syndrome

I may offend some die hard fans but I must admit this. I’m so OVER “the Secret.” Well, I was never into it to begin with and honestly, I haven’t even read the book although I did see the movie…to which I rolled my eyes at all the perfectly timed sound bites severely lacking depth or substance. “The Secret” just seems to be a suggestion towards a deeper mystery.

The same can be said for most books, post, workshops and coachings with titles like “The Law of Attraction.” (People, that’s just one of many laws and yet that’s about all anyone can quote!)

Ok. Ok. I’m getting ansy. Let me try this again so I don’t alienate anyone and so that you remain open to what I’m about to say. Also after getting clarification from Jenn via the Sociology of Sheena fan page, I realize my problem is with the movie and not the book. Ok, here we go.

I was watching a great youtube video where this lady waxes about the global shift in consciousness that’s occuring. She gave a glowing review of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. She laid it down. I loved every word she said. I was taking notes. (Check out Taren on youtube! Not her hair channel but the other one! Although the hair one is great too!)

After watching the video I started reading the comments. Taren was talking about some deep things. I loved what she had to say about people who say they want love or money and how she wants both. Dream big. Blah. Blah and so she went. (The “blah” means no disrespect. Again, I LOVED her video and agree with her philosphy.)

But in the comments section, someone said, “Ok, where do we start?” I don’t know if she ever responded back to the commentor but it got me to thinking.

Where do you start  in order to begin living the prosperous life of your dreams? The life where you are living your passion, making all the money that you want and are perfectly content, centered and in a yogi state of mind…should that be included in your life list.

Here is Sheena’s answer to the secret.

Take it for what it’s worth. (It’s not really in any particular order)

STEP ONE: Know yourself. [insert eye roll here] No, really. I mean it. Know yourself. Do you know who you are. Is the first thought in relation to that phrase, “I’m (insert name). I am (insert age). I am (insert nationality, race, sexual orientation.) ? That is NOT who you are. Know who you are. I come across so many people who can’t even answer the question, “Who Are You?”

STEP TWO: Know your deepest desires and dreams. I know, right. These just seem so basic, right? I once asked a young teen what was their dream. “I want a lot of money,” he said. “To do what?” I asked. “I don’t know, I just want money.” o_O It’s okay if you can’t fully articulate it BUT I think its imperative that you take the time to figure out what your dreams really are.

STEP THREE: Know your purpose. “Ugh, but isn’t that my dream?” They can be aligned and compliment each other but they aren’t always the same thing. Do you know why you were put on this earth? It wasn’t just to make the billions of dollars to spend on stuff. Sure that can be your dream but I’d look sideways at you if you said it was your life’s purpose. How are you going to enhance the world? What is it worth that you exist? What difference does it make? Take the time to get aligned with your life’s purpose. I’d recommend The Sacred Contracts book. That’s a good place to start.

STEP FOUR: Work towards your purpose and your dreams. I mean, WORK IT OUT!!!! You need to understand that even those “overnight success” stories paid their dues. It takes hard work, blood, tears, sweat, hours upon hours, dedication, failure, mistakes and even more blood PLUS much more to fulfill your purpose and dreams. Over time it gets easier, but as you master the art of self and purpose those beginning steps can be painful, tiring and sometimes even redundant.

So what do I mean by work? Suppose your purpose or dream is tied to photography. You want to be the BEST, MOST SUCCESSFUL, RICHEST, CULTURALLY EMPOWERING photographer that ever existed. You want your photos in the museums and in the textbooks. Your goal is lofty but not impossible.

Beyond saying your morning affirmation and creating a vision board with your dream camera or “giving it to god”, you have got to work your ASS OFF!

You need to educate yourself in your field of interest so that you are the expert. You need to read all the relevants books, articles, blogs and etc that apply. Can’t afford to buy books? Oh wait, there’s this thing called a library..and they have free internet in case you don’t have that at home.

Can’t afford a camera? Buy a one time use camera. Borrow a camera. Rent a camera. Work at McDonalds and save until you have the perfect camera. Do Something!

Take classes. Whether that means college courses or free workshops. Find an internship. Find a mentor. LEARN EVERYTHING until people are coming to you as if you have the PhD and invented the camera.

WORK YOUR BUTT OFF. How can you want to become the world’s best photographer when the only way you relate to photos is that you change your profile picture on facebook once a week? o_O.

STEP FIVE: Network. But don’t become that overzealous marketeer that annoys the hell out of everyone. I suppose that means you might want to work on charisma, charm, intellect, perception and figure out how to own the room without overpowering it.

STEP SIX: Seize every opportunity. Remain open to the unconventional ways that present themselves towards your advancement.

STEP SEVEN: Shift your perspective and paradigm of thinking.You have got to change how you view the world and process life. Change your volcabulary. Change your actions. Articulate yourself. CHANGE YOUR MIND to CHANGE THE WORLD!!!

STEP EIGHT: Screw “Fake it Till you Make it.” You know what I think of those kind of people who take this phrase to the extreme? I think they are liars and frauds. I think the underlying essence of this overused quote is to BE CONFIDENT. You can be confident without being a faker. It means be authentic. Be truthful. Be real. You can’t be real, if you are faking it. I once read about a life coach guy who had a great website, hundreds of thousands of twitter followers and youtube video after video of his wonderful vacations on exotic islands. According to the most recent news reports and court cases, it turned out he was broke, jobless and he murdered his wife and killed himself. I’m not sure what happened to his young child. He was working on that tiring philosophy of “Fake It Till You Make It.” I say keep it real and authentic. None of that funny business.

There’s probably more to add to this but this is where I’ll leave you today.

WRAP UP: Meditation, Affirmations, Prayers and Hopes are needed to ensure that the world goes round and that you remain centered in the midst of chaos. HOWEVER…..those wonderful things need to translate into ACTION.

After you say your affirmation…

After you have given it to god…

After you have meditated and done some yoga….

GET OFF YOUR BUTT, LOG OFF FACEBOOK, STOP PLAYING BEJEWELLED AND TAKE ACTION. Think of the most successful people in the world who are living their dreams and life purpose every day? Really think about the work they did to get there.

Kuddos to the Law of Attraction and The Secret


Here’s a new one I’d like to add,

The Law of Common Sense and Centered Thinking.

What Say You?

SLY Articles that are TOTALLY Relevant.

Sustainable Families: An Introduction

Don’t go with the Flow. Be the Flow.

10,000 hours by Seth Godin
Photo Credit 1 here.
Photo Credit 2 here.

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  • Kim Lampe

    The Secret really is surface stuff. Admittedly it was just enough to peak my interest 4 years ago and set me out on a journey which led to much of what you are talking about. I did not read the book. I only watched the video.

    Shortly after viewing the movie I became involved with my first online social network, as a result of reading a woman’s book. It was about moms taking their ideas from the kitchen table to $1 million. The author’s review of The Secret was much more harsh than your’s. Funny thing is that watching that movie set me out on an adventure to explore and rediscover myself. That let me to her book, which led me to her online community. I found that ironic.

    We all need bridges and the journey never ends. You’ve added so much needed links to taking it to the next level. I would have understood the surface of your post 4 years ago, but at a lose how it exactly applied to my life.

    Who am I? I am the Dancing Believe Act Go Lady, Fueling Believe Act Go Traveling Sanctuaries. This connects with my born beliefs that is the essense of me at birth.

    Great to stop by today. Thanks!

  • Meggs

    This is genius right here: The Law of Common Sense and Centered Thinking.


    This is a GREAT blog. I think everyone on the planet should read it. I think we should make copies of it and distribute it to people who wander into the self-help sections of bookstores. LOVE it!

  • kemi

    First and foremost I must say that I LOVED “The Secret,” The DVD and the book both helped me see my light. Better yet they opened my eyes to new possibilities. So to be handed a book such as “The Secret,” telling me that the sky is the limit, was life changing for me. Until I read this, I actually didn’t think that I could do whatever my heart desired…seriously. That’s why I’m so encouraging and inspirational in my young daughters life because the elders in my family just were not available…yeah to feed me, cloth me, and physically protect me but there were no talks about nothing. I never had a voice in my family. Was never encourage to express myself, share myself, be myself. instead i was put down when i tried to do these things. so here i stand a 30 year woman, just really learning to listen to herself and for a book like “the secret,” eye opener

  • Ximena | Glisalis

    Sheena this is basically the perfect distillation of the biggest ah-ha moments from Eat That Frog, Start With Why, and Launch! Logging off Facebook to write in my journal while reading your blog STAT.

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