#30Thanks, Day 13. Thank the last person who made you smile.

The 30 Thanks Gratitude Adventure Fun smiling trivia: When you smile, you actually make yourself feel happier. And when others see you smile, they’re more likely to smile themselves (smiles are a bit contagious–and more mood-boosting than colds or yawning!). So who was the last person to put a smile on your face? How about a quick thank you to that person?



The last person to make me smile was Hank Chen! Saturday has been a long, challenging day for me. One that I’m not ready to talk about right now. A number of people kept me going from Lola to my mom to even youtube subscribers who have been sending in their stories in response to my Suicide Prevention: What You Can Do video.

But then there came a point when I didn’t want to talk about it anymore. I was done crying and I just wanted to change my mind. So I watched some of Hank’s videos. Then I texted him and we met a few hours later for Vietnamese and we had such a great evening. I love spending time with him. Because of him, I’m even going to Boston in a few weeks. I’ve never been and I’m excited and thrilled. We will even be collaborating on some youtube videos for both of our channels. Check Hank out. He just makes me happy!!! Even though this video talks about a sucky issue…people stealing his credit cards…his comedic timing, exact skills at editing and positive attitude makes it so much better.

More information regarding this challenge can be found below.

The Gratitude Thanks Adventure

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