Do Everything Your Mama Told You Not To Do ~ Beth

We were learning the “S” walk and in order to describe how this slow seduction works, the instructor stated, “Do everything your mama told you not to do…….” Beth

Last week I registed for level two of my S Factor classes. My goal is to complete every level. I’ve also added an S Factor Dance Pole to my budget for next year. How else will I practice, if I don’t buy a pole to mount at home? I’ve contemplated practicing on the train but there are some logistical issues. While I can use an alcoholic wipe to disinfect and prepare the pole, I realize any moves that land me on the floor will be gross. I’d never want to touch the  train with any part of my body except for the bottom of my shoes. All that to say, its necessary for me to purchase my own pole.

Over the last week, I’ve also noticed changes in my body. This is due to my afro-caribbean dance class and this one. I’ve noticed very defined muscles in my left arm and articulations on my upper back. My legs are stronger. And while I’m no where near my flexibility goal, I can bend further and further and further……… My stamina and endurance are increasing. And overall, I honestly feel like a sensual beast who rather than seduce you and sex you, would seduce you and rip you in half. My exotic creature is fierce to say that least. I realize she isn’t for show. She doesn’t like an audience. Every move is selfishly for herself. I don’t know her name yet. I just know she’s a Siren and her best friends are Medusa and Pandora!

Last week in class, we worked on our top peel off. That’s right boys! As we continue to add movement to our routine, we learned the art of taking our top off. I wore two tshirts. I mean, I know I’m adventurous but I’ve never undressed before people in that manner.  (Er…nevermind the fact that I did recently sign up for ten burlesque classes. Shhh!) Sure the lights are down low and no one is looking at me but STILL. Therefore, I came prepared with two tshirts, which the instuctor encouraged us to do if we were not comfortable stripping down to our bras.

Once the time came HOWEVER, without any inhibitions after a back bend, a hair flip, my cat crawl and hip circles…I SLOWLY…DELIBERATELY….SEDUCTIVELY….took off both my shirts. (Eat it and weep!) And I just didn’t even care. There were no thoughts. There were no concerns. I don’t care what my mama told me.

This class has worked wonders for me as you can tell from many of my previous post. It re-awoke the Siren I had silenced years ago in an effort to appear more appropriate. It has awaken parts of my body I never engage with. It has built up my strength, endurance and flexibility.

And while for some, it gives them the courage to be sexier, I find that’s not the case for me. I have always considered myself sexy. Its just with this class, I no longer find it inappropriate. I don’t need to excuse it or dismiss it. It is ladylike to be a seductress. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s ok to move my hips just so. No matter my desire, fantasy or even sexual wish, I’ve learned via this class, I can embrace it. I can slowly walk towards it. And should I fancy a man just so, I can do slow hip circles and peel my shirt off, if I wanna.

I’m grown now. Sorry mama. I’m doing everything you told me not to!

(Within reason, I must add, in learning the moves, I’m doing everything she told me not too. Breast out. Hips to the side. Ass up. And should you find this vulgar…then you probably have never had mind blowing sex. Poor you!)

I know this comes across as raunchy in some bits and its not my intent, although I have no problem with it. These are the types of places you’d find my Siren with Medusa and Pandora.

Don’t engage with my Siren. She’ll eat your ass alive in the sexiest way possible. To this day some bodies have yet to be found. :)


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