Which Farm/Factory does your Bacon come from?

While a vegan, raw or vegetarian lifestyle has many great effects on your health, the world and the wonderful creatures….I don’t think every person SHOULD give up meat. Moderation is key. I know some people who eat meat at every meal. (That’s a little scary to me. 🙁 ) What I do think is important is KNOWLEDGE. Yes it takes effort and time and research but I think taking the time to know WHERE your food comes from is key. It is hard to steer clear of companies that lack basic ethics and values because then we’d find that it would be difficult to shop anywhere but we pick our battles. (Some no longer shop at target because of their stance about same sex orientation. Some don’t shop at Amazon because of the books they list. My battle is with my food since I eat it every day and can’t go without it. My challenge is knowing where my food comes from. I mean, this video is enough to make me be a vegetarian but perhaps it just convinces you to look at the labels more closely. Could you consciously buy bacon from a company that throws the pigs across a room? Holy shit, its just so mean and uncalled for. I can’t be so ignorant as to just grab whats in the grocery aisle. I must be more intentional.

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