Full Wolf Moon ~ Howling Through Ink

I set my intentions on the Winter Solstice. I set my intentions a long while ago but appropriateness, timeliness and a bunch of other insignificant reasons were given for not exploring the full weight of what my heart and soul intended to do.

Therefore on the winter solstice, I set my heart free. I let in wonder just what it wanted. It didn’t have to wonder for too long. I’ve known for years. I will always know. So I said it out loud. For the first time in a very long time. I wrote it over and over again. And upon reviewing months of morning pages I noticed hints of this desire and then the day of the full wolf moon, I wrote it all out.

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Honestly, I wasn’t even paying attention to the timing. This passion just kept pulsating within me and I wrote five pages saying everything I wanted to say. Saying what I should have said years ago. Saying what my anger prevented me from saying that fateful night. Saying what I could only whisper to the ocean because that’s all that was there. I wrote it all out. Every thought. Every question. Every utterance my heart had only murmured.

I notated that, again my timing could be all wrong but when its written in the stars, when the very sun & moon, acknowledge it, I knew I had to as well.

I’ve been bold with my heart lately.

I’ve seen the power that manifest when I harness my mind. Mostly on small scale occurrences but I know that if I practiced these things consistently in my meditation, in my studies and in my living & breathing, this power would grow. A bit of that scares me. But with this growing intention & desire, I summoned it all. No hesitation.

The day after the full wolf moon, after I had let my heart howl through ink and paper, my summon beckoned to me. I wish I could not speak in riddles. I wish I could lay it all bare and speak the words nakedly, but that would be careless. Needless to say, I’ve seen the power of myself manifest. I don’t know any limits now. I am not surprised. In regards to this….it had happened before. Even still, after all this time, I am amazed.

I would encourage you to create ritual in your life. Resurrect an altar in your home. Find ceremony in the solstice and let the moon lull you. Your every desire is possible. I’ve experienced this. I have seen god.

Speak it into existence. Howl at the moon.


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