Full Snow Moon ~ Let This Weary Body Rest

Tomorrow early morning, we will shift into the Full Snow Moon. As it has become my custom, I will take the time to observe this beautiful occurrence in nature. My typical ceremony involved a space clearing, candle lighting, meditation and journal writing. There are variances depending on each Full Moon or New Moon but usually, those four things are incorporated into my own personal ritual. I’m sure over time, this will continue to evolve for me.

I currently observe the full moons according to the Farmer’s Almanac. You should note, however that depending on the culture, the moons can go by many names. Check out this article, Moon Names by Other Cultures to get an idea of the variances.

As I mentioned towards the beginning of this month, my symbolic word of the month has been “movement”. To read more about that, check out Movement, A Journey Towards Center”. One of the more literal translations of this word has been via my various dance classes. I take Afro Caribbean, S Factor Feminine Movement & Pole Dancing, and Haitian Dance. Once I return from a mini vacation on Monday, I will add Burlesque dancing and Samba into the mix. What started out as an alternative to going to the gym and as a way to increase my skill set as an artist, has now become a much needed way to express myself in various manners.

What I have learned though, is that there are limits and I have to listen to my body. I’ve been pushing it. My massage therapist has noticed tension in my neck and upper right shoulder. That’s due to using my dominate hand while flying on the pole and from sleeping weirdly at night. Some nights I’ve been sore. Although I think there’s good sore and bad sore. I’ve had a combo of both. And last night I was just so tired from so much movement that I dozed off around 8 and was fully asleep by 9.

My body needed rest. I’m glad I did fall asleep earlier than usual. I was able to wake up earlier and take my time this morning. It was also great that last week, my dear friend Amber invited me to her yoga class. I’ve been looking for a yoga class for awhile now to develop my breathing and flexibility but I’ve yet to find the perfect one. Her class would be perfect if it wasn’t in Brooklyn. Even still, the yoga class was a perfect way to find rest among all the movement.

This all ties into the Full Snow Moon for me. During this time, more snow is known to fall and hunting was made difficult in the past. I.E., a great time for hibernation! I’ve been working so hard at NOT becoming complacent this winter, that at times I may have overdone it. It is important to find moments of hibernation and rest.

While the Full Snow Moon is in effect, I myself will be traveling to Miami for a much needed  vacation. Yet another way to seek that rest that my body needs. Even if that rest is lounging on the beach in a bikini soaking up the sun.

Another thing I’ve always known is that February is usually a melancholy time of the year for me. February has always reminded me of James. It was the time our friendship blossomed into a relationship and the longing for that beautiful time in my life pulls at my heart. The memories of our first “non date” on Valentine’s day or our first kiss always play in my head. And while the memories are beautiful and causes me to smile, they break my heart too. So I sometimes become very introverted in February. I’ve noticed it this year too. My post aren’t as frequent. My morning pages have a lot of spaces between the words. My journal writing suffers or if it doesn’t suffer, the writing is heart breaking.

This year, its been intensified because its Tinu’s birthday month. Mourning the lost of love and the lost of a young child….the heart can only take so much. So rather than drown in these emotions, I think I let my heart go into hibernation. My heart. My emotions. My feelings. All of it. I just put them in hibernation and I’ve been dancing what I could not write and what I could not say.

And like I said, I’ve pushed myself probably further than I needed to.

So I’m going to sleep earlier again. I’m going to rest more. I’m going to lay out in Miami. And I’m going to address the emotions that are bubbling beneath the surface. And tonight I will light a candle for James. For Tinu. For Maura. For Grandma. And for myself. I will meditate and focus on breath. And I will write the words that want to be spoken, even if they are followed by tears.


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Over at Jamie Ridler’s Studio, I found some fun post regarding the New Moon and Half Moon.

Full Snow Moon Dreamboards 2010

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A Nice Picture of the Full Moon found on Flickr

Full Snow Moon Over Earth 2006

photo credit 1: hauntedswampdesigns
photo credit 2

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