March New Moon: Ritualistic Play

This past Friday we welcomed in the New Moon of March. This new moon brings me promises of hope.

It is also in the month of March that we celebrate the Vernal Equinox. Along with that there are other important dates. Mardi Gras. International Women’s Day. Ash Wednesday. Daylight Savings. Purim. Mercury in Retrograde and most importantly, my sister’s birthday!

This new moon has been marked by the exploration of imagination and play. We begin to welcome the spring and these fresh colors, smells and discoveries bring delight into my life. I must say the rainy month of March is one of my favorites of the year.

This new moon was celebrated by writing letters to my younger sister. Just last week, I received an envelope in the mail from a random address in Texas. After opening it I was delighted to find my baby sister had written me a letter expressing her love and she had drawn four pictures. One includes the two of us at a pool. (She likes when we do that). Immediately after reading her letter, I pulled out all of my art supplies, scrapbook papers, markers and glue.

I marked my ceremony, after a space clearing, candle lighting and meditation by drawing and writing to my sister. It was a wonderful way to celebrate this lunar occurence. I loved incorporating my family into my ritual. Using crayons and color pencils also aided in my monthly focus which is IMAGINE.

When it rains this month, don’t get frustrated. JUMP IN A PUDDLE.

When it gets chilly, don’t complain. SNUGGLE CLOSE TO SOMEONE.

When you’re bored, don’t sigh. TAKE A CRAYON AND DRAW.

Engage your inner child and give voice to its imagine!


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