New York Naturals: All Day Natural

This past Friday, I had the honor of meeting Miss Lycia of All Day Natural. It was an evening of first. It was the first time I ventured into Harlem, New York City. It was the first time I tried Ethiopian food at Zoma. And it was the first time I met Lycia in person. We’ve been communicating through our websites, twitter and facebook for quite some time and it was so nice to see her in real life! It was also great meeting her friend, who’s name escapes me right now but I’m pretty sure in another life we were best friends. Lycia kept asking, “Are you two the same person?” throughout our meal.

While the food was very good, I found myself more interested in the patrons of the restaurant.  I noticed most people in the restaurant had curly styles. There were even three little children throughout our meal, who happened to be SO CUTE, who had variations of curly styles. I loved seeing that! Even our waitress had fierce curly hair! Loved it! Not that I go around counting curly hair. I just find it so beautiful.

While Lycia and I initially bonded over sustainable, organic and natural living, our conversation throughout dinner was never lacking for anything. We spoke of family, passion, relationships, careers, travels, food, fitness and much more. What I observed about her is that she has such a beautiful, open spirit. In person, she’s gorgeous too and she was rocking some FIRE HOT RED boots. But aside from her obvious outward beauty, she was just so graceful, dignified and wonderful to be around. Her friend was amazing too. I’d hang out with them any night of the week.

It is my hope that Lycia visits New York more often so that we can have more conversations and share great meals. Thanks for spending part of your Friday evening with me. It was an honor to meet you.


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    bonding over food never fails, I love the way you described the time you had there!

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