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I met Sherry Amour in the fifth grade when my family moved from the city of Chicago to the suburbs.  She is one of my oldest friends that still plays a significant role in my life. We didn’t initially hit it off but after coming to school multiple times with identical outfits on without planning to do so, we became friends. Soon after that, my 2nd home was her family’s home. Even though in high school, I moved hours away from her, we still maintained our friendship. It has been almost 16 years and we have always stayed connected. During college, we’d meet up on breaks and have all night talking sessions. After college, we’d meet up for dinner dates here and there and its just been a pleasure to see the progress of our friendship after all these years.

It wasn’t until near the end of highschool that Sherry shifted gears to pursue music full time. I’ve had the honor of watching Sherry in a recording studio… I wonder if she remembers that night. I’ve seen her perform. I’ve listened to her music on my ipod and I’ve seen her artistic growth throughout the years and while I may be bias, I find that I am so proud of her. She sings of love and life. She exudes energy, sensuality and joy. She is such a lovely lady and it is with a huge smile that I introduce you to one of my dearest, most wonderful friends.

Everyone meet


SLY: What kind of artist are you?

Sherry: I am a recording/performing artist who enjoys educating others with my music!


SLY: How have you learned what you know? Education? Experience? Formal Training?

Sherry: I have learned what I know, thus far in various ways, through education, experience and just being an inquisitive person who loves to ask questions! = )


SLY: Why do you believe art is important?

Sherry: Art is important because it is a reflection of Life. It is through art that we as people learn about one another and find ways to connect with one another.


SLY: What and Who Inspires?

Sherry: I am inspired by life, simply put. I am open to inspiration, daily. Conversations with God, friends, family and life experiences all inspire me.


SLY: What is your favorite medium to use in creating art?

Sherry: The stage! I truly enjoy interacting with people when sharing my music at a show. Performing live is a moment that is fleeting, yet its an opportunity to connect with so many people at one time. Its a platform to create a memorable moment that will hopefully inspire and/or comfort someone.


SLY: What are you currently working on?

Sherry: I am currently working on my next recording project! I am so excited to share my new music that I have been working so diligently on…”Mirror, Mirror”


SLY: What has been the highlight of your artistic career, so far?

Sherry: hHmmm, the highlight of my career thus far, honestly is having had the opportunity to independently release my first recording project (‘Seasons” which is available on iTunes) and the music being well received and appreciated by people. To have someone, a complete stranger, enjoy and relate to my music is something that I am grateful for.


SLY: What, if any, artistic mistakes have you made?

Sherry: Great question! I believe one of my mistakes I’ve made is comparing myself to other artists and trying to duplicate their path and road they are on in their perspective music careers. I’ve learned that I only have wasted time trying to keep up with another artist’s career path and pursuits. In this mistake I was challenged to seek God and His direction and path He has for me.


SLY: What’s the most important thing you have learned or discovered?

Sherry: One important thing I have discovered recently in my life is that its ok to “Teach people how to Treat You”


SLY: What do you do when you have “artist” block? (similar to writer’s block)

Sherry: Once I’m done trying to analyze WHY I’m having an artist block, I force myself to do something fun and different I’ve been putting off  doing.


SLY: What is your favorite quote?

Sherry: I have 3 of them I would like to share if that’s ok: “Don’t buy into the Hype, Challenge your own Reality” Sherry Amour…..”Be the Change you wish to see”-Ghandi…..”To thine own self be true!”-Shakespeare


SLY: Do you have any encouraging words for those who want to be more creative?

Sherry: Allow yourself to feel and just be HONEST about your convictions and own it and release it!


SLY: Of what, are you sure?

Sherry: That God is REAL and that He will NEVER leave you, nor forsake you! Life brings many challenges, ups and downs, but God ‘s love and comfort is what eases the bruises of life.


SLY: What legacy do you want to leave?

Sherry: The legacy I want to leave is that With God all things are possible! I desire for my life and my music to exemplify what it means to have Faith, Hope and Love.


SLY: Where can we find you?

Sherry: You can find me  in several places: Amour Music


SLY: Any last words?

Sherry: Cherish the day!! Go be Great!!


SLY: Is there a question I didn’t ask that you wish I had?

Sherry: What’s my favorite color and why?? = )


SHERRY, thanks so much beautiful for doing this interview. What I’ve gathered is that you are so strong and rooted in your faith and yourself. I find you to be incredible and I can’t wait for more music from you.

If you’d like to hear a bit of Sherry Amour, watch her video below and if you enjoy it, go to youtube and leave a comment. Let her know. Tweet her. Friend her. If you’re local to Chicago, catch one of her performances. She is a star on stage. You will find it difficult to take your eyes away!

Are you Shiva’s Muse? Interested in being featured on Artistic Liberties? Check out the link and see if its something that interest you. Or check out some of the other artists who have been featured.

Wondering what other creative artist I like? Check out some of my resources. Artistic Resources and Intriguing Resources. Please note these pages are constantly being updated with all the fabulous things I discover and happen upon.

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