Things That Captivate Me

On Choosing a Camera Lens here. (Love everything about her blog anyway but this is an amazing post for me. So FREAKING HELPFUL!!!! ~ SLY)

Anthropologie Announces New Decorator Concept Shops here (If Anthropologie and World Market had a baby, it would be my apartment. That is the look I am starting to go for in my redesign. ~ SLY)

Project Simplify: Master Closet Results here. (Ugh. I’ve been meaning to do this for a freaking year. Le sigh. ~ SLY)

Homemade Powder Deodrant Recipe here. (Powder form. Hmmm. Kind of like that too. ~ SLY)

Life Sunnyside Up Please here (Janie of, “Green Girl Meets All American Boy” has a new blog. I missed her! ~ SLY)

How to Be Bold in Life here. (Love. Love. Love. I moreso liked the scrapbook page but her tips are great too! ~ SLY)

5 Powerful MicroInvestments to Make….. here (Full of good tips. Worth the read. ~ SLY)

My Personal Collection of Things I Find Erotic here. (Love this post so much. I think everyone should be able to articulate this for themselves. ~ SLY)

Five Simple Natural Syrup Recipes here. (Nice! I was looking for something to go with my homemade red velvet pancakes. ~ SLY)

A Mind for Cultivating Resourcefulness here. found via Green Gracious. (If Italians can hang their pasta that way and they are known for their amazing dish….. I need to adopt that same mindset too. If I don’t got it, I don’t need it. ~ SLY)

Fragrantly Wildly All Purpose Salt here. (Must make this NOW ~ SLY)

Fruit Cereal, Froodles, and Noodle Stew here. (And its all raw! It also sounds a bit Seussical…the whole “Froodles” thing. ~ SLY)

Kelly Rae Robert’s Master bedroom here. (I love her ENTIRE house. I could move in today and not change a thing. Her house shows one side of my personality. I LOVE IT ~ SLY)

Project Simplify: Paper Clutter here. ( I needed to read this. I most definitely did. Just ask Kia to send you a snapshot image of WHY i needed to read this. UGH!! Ok. OK!!! I get it! Thanks universe! ~ SLY)

Youtube Video of the Moment. I saw this trailer while watching “The Adjustment Bureau” this past weekend and while that movie left me a bit disappointed, Limitless managed to ignite my imagination! I hope this movie doesn’t disappoint!

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