Things That Captivate Me

64 Square Foot Bedroom here. (This gives me hope for my bedroom. My main issue is that I need to change my bed frame. Having a footrest as part of the frame is really screwing me up! ~ SLY)

Sources for Small Bedrooms and Studios here. (Note to self. Click all the links in this post and take some notes ~ SLY)

Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule here. (I love what he ask himself every day. ~ SLY)

Being You here. (Simple. Sweet. Seuss. ~ SLY)

Loss Love Life here. (My kind of ebook. Currently reading it. Will let you know what I think later. ~ SLY)

Black Bean and Goat Cheese Quasadella here. (Yum. Yum. Simple. Vegetarian. Yum. Yum. ~ SLY)

Reject the Tyranny of Being Picked here (YES! ~ SLY)

Rest in Peace Elsa Dias here. (A friend of a friend who passed away with the same cancer as Maura. ~ SLY)

Lobster Mac and Cheese here. (Yum! Yum! Yum! Edible Aria this is freaking AWESOME ~ SLY)

Let’s Talk Photo Crediting here. (According to this, I’m guilty. I put a link to where I find images but I’m sure the links aren’t who originally created it. I just link to where I found it. UHHH. This is why I’ve been taking my own stock photos so that my site will eventually be 100% my own images. ~ SLY)

The Second Tooth here. (The way Heather tells stories, like this one is why I’ve been reading her since 2002. ~ SLY)

Small here. (Love the entire blog. Right in line with Simple Mom and Creative Mama. ~ SLY)

On ReClaiming my Sexuality here. (Love everything about Ev_Yan’s new blog. Yum. Yum. ~ SLY)

The Story of My First Dress Collection here. (Love her blog and her shop. She inspires me all the time and I love how she documented this journey. I’m gonna own one of her dresses one of these days.  ~ SLY)

{photo credit: A Beautiful Mess}

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