April New Moon ~ A Steady Rhythm

The day, water, sun, moon, night – I do not have to purchase these things with money. ~ Plautus

This past Sunday, we moved into April’s Aries New Moon. I spent the entirety of this weekend in creative exploration. Hours were spent in silence creating, inventing and making changes. If, for a moment, I wanted to dance, I would dance. If I was compiled to write, I wrote. And if creativity led me to silence, then so be it. Moments of signifiance were marked by candle lighting, sage burning and wonderful cups of tea.

In honor of the new moon, I was intentional about articulating my desires. Be they so personal, I find that I don’t want to get too specific via this platform but I’d encourage you to be particular about your desires. State it in plain ole english and put it forth into the galaxy. Nature and Sprit delights in you and will play a vital role towards actualizing your visons.


Full Worm/ Super Perigee Moon ~ Chasing After the Sky

March New Moon – Ritualistic Play

Full Snow Moon – Let This Weary Body Rest

February New Moon – Rooted and Moving

Full Wolf Moon – Howling Through Ink

Full Sturgeon Moon Ceremony

Lull of the Moon on My Spirit

Winter Soltisce ~ Darkness Has Its Uses


Aries New Moon

New Moon in Aries

Photo Credit: Braam Jannsens

photo credit

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