Happy Birthday Jantira

A few days ago, one of my dearest friends celebrated another birthday.


I’ve mentioned her a few times before, here and there. Jantira was even a featured Shiva’s Muse  Check out that post here! Last year, I was able to spend a week in California with Jantira. It was a much needed break from everything. We spent our time driving up and down the coast talking life, art, family, and God. One day we were in Los Angelos. Another day, we were in Santa Barbara. And yet, on another day we were in San Diego at the cross between Ocean Drive and Ocean Avenue. I kid you not! I’ve got to get those pictures up on flickr and youtube.

It was amazing. We honestly just spend the entire time with each other. Eating Vietnamese and Thai and Chiniese. Gulping down bubble tea, taking pictures and spending hours at LACMA. We also hit up some swanky restaurants because Jantira is addicted to Groupon like me.  Actually, you can see some of my photos on a video I’ll include below. It’s called “Live on Purpose.” I filmed it from Jantira’s home while we prepared for a Catholic ceremony. The name escapes me right now.

Jantira inspires me. She is my muse. My encourager. My biggest cheerleader. She soothes me and teaches me and loves me uncondtionally. I can feel it in every word. In every email. In every tweet, picture and idea that she shares. It is so amazing to be in a friendship of such depth. She trust me with herself. With her worries, her secrets, and her scandals. She shares her most inner feelings, dreams and desires. It is simply wonderful to be on the other side of it.

If I haven’t seen Jantira for awhile, I feel her absence. It’s an emptiness that leaves me feeling hollow and uninspired. My writing suffers. My art suffers. I just can’t think straight if we haven’t connected. She keeps me at my best. She challenges me. She questions me. She doesn’t always agree with me and she calls me out on all of my shit!

Jantira is a kindred spirit. She is my sister. She is essential to my soul. My life is so much better because she exist. I would do anything and everything for her. My words are inadequate. They don’t do justice to how much she means to me. But I’ve tried.

I could wax on and on about her amazing abilities. About how she’s one of the best artist and photographers that I know. I could talk days on her creativity, her work and how she makes the world a better place. I really could. But today, what matters most to me is how she makes my world a better place. Just by simply being herself, she has enhanced every facet of my life.

It is a complete honor to call her my friend. I am humbled that her family welcomes me into their home. I am thrilled that I get to see her in Colorado for our Artist Retreat. I am uber excited to go out to Cali again this year or to have her come out here. I can’t wait to start and complete every project on our Bi-Coastal Collab list.

Jantira, be here always. You make all of my days better.

(You can just watch the beginning of the video to hear about Jantira and see some of the pictures. I’ll be posting a video specifically about my time in California in the near future)

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