After the Pole, She Found Her SELF ~ S Factor

I was speaking with a friend about my S journey at Sheila Kelley’s S Factor. That S stands for Sensual, Sexy, Sacred, Soulful, Spicy, Spirited, Self and Sheena…according to me. Just saying.

“I think they entice the women with the infamous pole. That’s how they get the women in the room. It’s alluring. It’s apparently slightly scandalous. It’s fun and spicy. But that’s just how they get them in the room. Once you’re in there and you immerse yourself, you find something else. You find yourself. You go on this journey building strength, confidence, esteem, love and joy.”

That’s the meat of it. The pole is great. I love it. Even though it burns me when I descend. Even though I still haven’t nailed the flying body spiral. Even though sometimes I’m just too tired to climb. Despite it all, that pole is great.

But that is not what keeps me in the room. Shelley could take the pole away and there would still be a million reasons for me to go to class. It’s the philosphy and what they stand for. It’s the bit about encouraging women to LOVE themselves exactly where they are. It’s that bit about helping women to embrace their bodies. Some women have never touched their bodies in a loving way. Some have never found their sensual side and somehow this class digs deep into your soul and unleashes all those bits.

I get it now. That tagline that’s on some of their materials.

“You come for the fun. You’ll stay for the workout. Be amazed by the journey.”

That is why I’m an S women for life. Because after the fun of learning a pole trick and after weeks of building up muscles and strength, I find that each class pushes me further on a journey of self discovery and love.

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  • Lori Myers

    S Factor in San Francisco was my very first pole class! They are definitely amazing. I’m so glad you love your class!!

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