Half Birthdays ~ Day27 Birthday Countdown

There are 27 days until my birthday. Today’s theme for the “Birthday Prompt” post series is, “Half Birthdays.” This 31 day challenge is to inspire me to celebrate ME!!!!!!!!!!! It’s my hope that whether its your birthday or not, it also inspires you to celebrate YOU too!

Do you remember in grade school, how when it was your birthday, you were celebrated somehow in your classroom? I was always excited for my friend’s birthdays but because I had a summer birthday, I was either forgotten or I was looped in with all the other summer birthdays in one celebration either at the beginning or end of the school year. I felt cheated.

Junior High was worse. When it was some one’s birthday, all of their friends would decorate their lockers and write notes and tape balloons to their locker doors and everyone would shower them with love. I participated in celebrating my friends BUT my locker was never decorated in junior high.

In high school, it was no matter. I was homeschooled.

College started off rocky in the sense that I noticed EVERYONE was having their birthday’s celebrated during the school year and I just KNEW that I’d be forgotten about. Why would they remember? It was the summer. They were doing ministry work in Africa to save the children. They were going to London to study literature. They were interning and working and NO ONE was celebrating my summer birthday.

I knew I had to put a stop to this madness!!!!!!!!!!

During my sophomore year when I lived in a three room suite with three other girls, they mentioned how they wanted to celebrate every one’s birthday. Perhaps a gift or maybe we’d go out to dinner. Something, no matter how little or small. I said nothing. As each girl’s birthday rolled around, we happily celebrated her and it was nice. I think I was resigned to just give up on my friends ever celebrating me. And then February 13th happened.

I came back to our suite one day and there were cards on my desk. There were gifts. And the girls were there smiling and celebrating me. “Happy HALF Birthday!” they cheered. It meant the world to me!

Another friend of mine who’s birthday is on August 13th as well, Felicia Bertch (check her out here and here. )…she also understood the dilemma of having a summer birthday during the school year and she gave me the most beautiful handmade birthday card during college for our half birthday. To this day, I have it. It’s in my little box with all my treasures and favorite notes and such.

After I graduated and began being a real adult which meant I had access to my friends all the time as we worked, loved and lived, I was able to celebrate my real birthdays with them. Whether it was with parties, dinners, trips or whatever. So I let go of my half birthday. I even wrote about it in 2006. It’s titled, “Relinquishing the Title of Half Birthdays.

If you are in school and you have friends who have summer birthdays, don’t forget to celebrate them too so that they don’t develop a complex. 🙂

I’ve never googled “Half Birthdays” before but it seems even Wikipedia knows what’s up. So, ok good, its not just me!

Half Birthdays

A half-birthday is a day approximately six months before or after the real anniversary of a person’s birth. The actual date is dependent on the number of days between the two successive birthdays for a given pair of years.

One common use is by people whose birthday falls near holidays that are so widely celebrated they can overwhelm private anniversaries. Another is for people in school whose real birthday does not occur during the school year; a half-birthday allows a celebration with friends and teachers at school.

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