August New Moon ~ Living Wide Open

Excerpt from recent writings.
My desire is to AWAKEN SELF in every individual I encounter.
I want to inspire everyone to be their AUTHENTIC SELF.

I believe the reason we are here to to be our SELVES. You are here today to be YOU, however that may manifest.  What ever your calling, passion or purpose maybe and no matter your circumstances you are to be YOU. Having a firm foundation in self, dwelling in self centeredness and self love is essential. You are here to be you and it is the most profound, intimate and loving things you can offer the world and give yourself.
I want everyone to live their heart out and to live wide open. I want everyone to live passionately, wholeheartedly and authentically. I want you to be you.
It appears this new moon is in alignment with the evolution of my current journey. The words that continue to arise with this new moon are…..
Power. Direction. Creativity. Strength. Will. Determination. Gifts. Inspire. Help. Change. Conquer. Risk. Delight. Passion. Story. Uniqueness. Confidence. Growth. Self-Expression.
Can you imagine your most fully REALIZED SELF?
Take the time during this new moon to reflect on self and to imagine self. Be yourself with boldness, courage and fearlessness. It is only when we are willing to take that risk of vulnerability that true transformation can occur.
It is possible to take giant leaps of faith and journeys to distance dreams. All one must do, is take the first step. Lift your foot off the ground, open your heart up and move forward.


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