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“One of the most effective ways to explore sexual desire is through movement or dance……” Claire Griffen Sterrett, Author of The Pole Story

A little while back I received an email from Claire asking if it would be ok if she sent me her book to read. She was willing to send the book for free and didn’t ask for a review in exchange. She just wanted me to read her book. Of course, I agreed. First, I love books. Second, this book was free. Third, the subject matter was in regards to pole dancing, which happens to be a life style of mine.

I am a pole dancer. I am a being first, of which my form is human and thus I am a sensual and sexual creature. It just so happens that one of the best ways that I express myself is through movement. One of the genres of movement that has been the most influential and mind altering has been pole dancing.

I believe Claire and I found each other on twitter or Facebook after I started incessantly blogging about my experiences at S Factor, where I currently take classes…now twice a week! It just so happens that Claire is an S Factor student as well among many other things. Claire does a lot; she’s a teacher, a speaker and all around an bad ass goddess that inspires me more than she’ll ever know.


The Pole Story is an edited collection of blog post and additional observations into the psychology of pole dancing that offers a fresh, powerful and vulnerable perspective on pole dancing to those who have no true context of understanding it. It also serves as a companion to those engaged in the pole lifestyle by providing them with additional vocabulary, research, food for thought and personal stories. It is an easy read, with not more than 65 pages but it is also extremely thought provoking.


I personally believe this book is great for those who have never taken a pole class in their life. It offers you a glimpse of what’s its like to immerse yourself into these lessons via studios across the world. The book challenges many of the preconceived notions of the general public and even scholars who question the validity of this kind of lifestyle.

Claire speaks on pole topics as it deals with mainstream media, its possible acceptance in the olympics and even how it could benefit and empower today’s youth among many other things. I loved what she had to say about the empowering effects of pole dancing as it related to economy and community. I will say though, I wanted the book to be longer. I think its well worth the asking price but I could have read this book for weeks! However, I shouldn’t worry. Claire also has a blog, so if after reading or even before you even start the book, you can also hop on over to her blog and enjoy her pole musings.

One of the things I was expecting before even reading a summary of the book was a scholarly, textbook written approach to pole since it was partially inspired by her master thesis. I am, however, grateful for the voice/tone she used to tell this story. It is more relate-able, open and accessible to any and everyone. Although, she can go ahead and write a scholarly one too for the academia. I’d read that as well.

One thing that I desired for the book, that I feel was not there was a more visual and sensual appeal. While I LOVED the cover of the The Pole Story and intentionally held it up while I read the book on the train, I really wanted more from the book layout and design. Trust me, the content of the book is worth reading. GO BUY A COPY TODAY! But, for being one of the first pole books published of its kind, I wanted the design to be sexy and seductive. I wanted the pages to be silky to the touch. I wanted ALL the pictures to be as gorgeous, vibrant and beautifully lit as the cover image.

Listen, the book is good. I underlined something on EVERY page. I wrote on every blank space possible. She’d write one thing in the book on a particular chapter and it made me think of five different things. I consider that an amazing talent to engage your audience so much that you provoke them to not only think but to also feel the need t scribble down notes and musings on their own in the margins of your book.

This book is for everyone who ever wondered about pole dancing, or those who know nothing about it or for those who are fully immersed in it. Its a very good read. It’s insightful, energetic, sexy and fun. It’s inspiring and its so great to read a book and think, “SHE GETS ME!! She completely understands!” I look forward to Claire writing more books like these and any thing else her heart so fully desires.

After reading the book, I asked Claire if I could interview her. This interview will be featured tomorrow. Please keep in mind majority of the interview is NOT about the book. That’s because if you want to find out more about the book, you should simply go pick up a copy and read it. It will take you less than a day to finish it. You can even purchase it on kindle. The interview features questions on other things than just the book and I can’t wait for you to get a glimpse of the inside of Claire’s mind. Check back tomorrow to hear from her!

The Pole Story is everywhere.

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