Adjusting for Decency ~ Why Pole Matters

I feel as if a significant amount of my time is spent adjusting.

Adjusting my bra straps so that they are perfectly hidden under my short sleeve shirts.

Adjusting my buttons to ensure the crevices of my breast are not seen.

Adjusting my zippers, snaps, lengths and fabrics all to ensure I’m not revealing, showing, exposing my self.

Because to do so would be deemed INDECENT.

So many adjustments for perceived notions of decency.

I recall a day when I must have adjusted my bra strap fifty times and still it kept sliding down. No matter how tight I made it, no matter how I pinned it, twisted it…it kept sliding down my arm.

Or better yet, yesterday I thought I was so proper and professional in my black dress but my front buttons just kept giving way. I kept adjusting.

I am so tired of adjusting. I’m so tired of tightening, buttoning, zipping, snapping, hiding, all in an effort to be decent for someone else.

I know according to our modern day “standards” its the civil, appropriate, correct, dignified, courteous, modest, righteous, virtuous, good mannered thing to do. But sometimes I want to just say to hell with civility.

I need to be able to commit indecent acts of exposure.

For that, I’m grateful for the pole and for the dance studios and for the costumes or lack there of and for the music and floor work and lap dances and slow grinding and hip circles and legs and exposed skin and asses and the dark lights.

It’s there where I do not do any adjusting. If something falls or comes loose or hangs a bit, its ok. If the fabric is long or short, tight or flowy, its ok. If my bra straps fall down or if the only thing I’m wearing is a bra, its ok. If I want to dance in pants or only lace panties and 7 inch heels, its ok.

Not only is it ok, but its also affirmed, celebrated and praised.

I am so sick of adjusting for “decency.” Thank goodness, I have a safe environment where that word and concept doesn’t need to come into play.

When was the last time your indecent acts of exposure were celebrated and affirmed? Trust me, it is very empowering & liberating!

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