My Journey to The North Pole

The North Pole defines True North. Technically it is the point in the northern hemisphere where the Earth’s axis of rotation meets it surface. At the North Pole, all directions point south. [1]

The North Pole defines Sheena’s Truth North. Technically it is the point in my highest version of self where my sensual | sexual side comes to surface. At my North Pole..the place at which I’m functioning at my highest in full alignment with all sides of my being, every other direction points south.

While the South Pole lies on a continental land mass, the North Pole is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean admist waters that are almost permanently covered with constantly shifting sea ice. [2]

While my South Pole is deeply rooted, my North Pole, i.e.  Sheena at her highest is constant, shifting, moving…she is energy in full, complete motion.

In various mythologies and folklore the North Pole is associated with being an otherwordly world-axis, the abode of God & superhuman beings, a place of spiritual purity & transcendence. It is also conjured to be a place of progress through spiritual states.

Some have conjured that for women, in the journey of self discovery and actualization, usually one of the missing links involve a huge disconnect from the full scope of their sexuality. In an effort to live at your highest, one would need to live in their full power which includes this sacred part of our being.  Attaining this level of authentic living can manifest in many forms.

A little over a year ago, I discovered the most creative, empowering and sensual ways to engage with my sexuality. I found the pole! Some call it pole dancing, others call it pole fitness and/or pole art. I also believe “lyrical pole” and “theatrical pole” could fall somewhere near pole art as well. However you best name and define it, it is what unburied a suppressed, stifled part of my being. The Siren in me which is the manifestation of my sexuality and sensuality came alive when I found a safe environment and community to explore movement as a way to connect to my body, spirit, heart & desires.

I plan on spending the rest of my life exploring my sexuality and sensuality. I will take the time to eloquently, as best I can to define those two concepts. I will share my journey in my pole classes. Currently I am a student at Sheila Kelley S Factor. I’ve now made it a goal to try at least one class at every studio in NY just to taste the different flavors. I also participate in “Pole Fight Clubs” recently renamed “Pole Flight Clubs.” I was recently selected in a drawing to perform in the 1st New York Pole Showcase. I even recently completele a two week immersion program in femininie empowerment & movement.   Slowly but surely I’m finding every which way to infuse myself in the pole community.

This has become my community. I am dedicated and committed to this new craft. The pole is not for everyone. Perhaps it makes you uncomforatble. Perhaps your filters do not allow for such a lifestyle. It is what it is.

What I know is I’ve found a way to navigate on smoother waters to my True North and it happens to be via a pole, The North Pole.

A few things to note.

1. I believe while sexuality and sensuality are connected they are not the same thing. I’m current doing a self study to explore this inference.

2. I will occassionally refer to SLY and ISIS. They are manifestations of my sexuality. I call them my Inner Siren. You may call them an erotic creature, your vixen, your goddess. They are two different entities and perhaps I will elaborate.

3. I do not believe there needs to be a disconnect between pole dance & pole fitness. Part of the joy of the pole community is the fun, its sexiness and sensual appeal. Sexuality needs to affirmed, discovered and explored NOT stripped, stifled and hidden. The more I see an emphasis of sectors in the pole community to separate the dance from the fitness, the more I see society telling women their sexuality is not ok. And that subtle inference is NOT ok in my book.

4. I am not an exotic dancer or stripper but I do not see any moral issue with a woman choosing to be so & I do not believe I need to ever clarify myself as a pole dancer separate from them. I don’t know. If you win a pole competition and there is a prize, how is that different that an exotic dancer who wins a prize too for her performance? o_O

5. My “few things of note” will continue to grow and evolve, perhaps change & alter and will become a post of its own one day.

6. This blog on my website is NOT for everyone. You may simply read my recipes on Cafe LaShay & find pleasure from that or perhaps you come to read about my healing journey via the Sociology of Sheena blog. That is ok. But this blog is a part of my full story. Should it make you uncomfortable, combative & fall under any negative emotional state, please help yourself and find something more pleasing.

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[1. Source: Wikipedia]
[2. Source: Wikipedia]


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