Sensate ~ Touching the World with Intent

My symbolic word for the month of November is  SENSATE.

sensate |  sensual |  sensation | senses  | sensuality

When I hear his voice, my entire body responds. Every single nerve ending pulls forward in an effort to reach him. This is simply the power in the energy of his voice and how it interacts with my physicality, mentality and emotionality. This pleases me. I am an affected person. People, materials, and energy all influence me thus causing one sensation or another. ~ Isis

I believe every human is sensual. The way we see the world. The way we taste a kiss or a piece of fruit. The way we touch fabric or another human. The way we smell a rose or a person. The way we hear words or music. The way it affects us is a sensual experience. We have sensations that words can not explain. We have sacred urges bidding us towards moments and people and that is a sensual experience. We are not just a soul. Although, I believe our soul experience senses as well. We are also beings in a human form with a body and our bodies experience sensual living. It is needed It is wanted. We are designed to be this way. It is beautiful, exhilirating and life giving. When we can embrace and nurture our sensual experiences, we will find we are living at our highest and expressing a wonderful part of being human and being alive. Take pleasure in the experience of being you. Experience every sense.

I think our sensual experiences in the world are tied to energy. How many times have you walked into a room and you could sense something had happened, whether it was a negative or positive experience? Energy plays with our sensations. I want for more of sensual energy play.


A few [partial] definitions of SENSATE  that resonate with me.

1. perceived by the senses.
2. having the power of sensation.
3. endowed with senses.
A [partial] definitions of SENSATION that resonate with me.

1. the operation or function of the senses; perception or awareness of stimuli through the senses.
A [partial] definitions of SENSUAL that resonate with me.
1. pertaining to, inclined to, or preoccupied with the gratification of the senses or appetites.


. A few words come to mind when musing on SENSATE.

Sensuality happens to be one of my life values and its reflected in my activities, in my writings, my discussions and even the way that I carry myself. I am a sensual being. I find that I always want more though. That is why I started my journey at Sheila Kelley S Factor. That is why I began regularly attending The Pole Fight Club. It’s why I’ve signed up for a Pole Photo Shoot and entered the lottery to perform in the New York Pole Showcase. I suppose you could say one of the best ways I express my sensuality is through the pole community via movement, dance & artistry. That is me and I am sure you have your way as well. I have others. The way I prepare meals, the way I touch a friend or myself. The way that I kiss a lover. I express my sensuality every single day.

These days though, I want even more. As a Guide in the Goddess Life Community focusing on Feminine Empowerment and Sensuality, I have felt called to dig even deeper. My reading list has become sensational and enticing. Right now, I am making my way through “Sensuality and Sexuality | Across the Divide of Shame”. by Lichtenberg. Its a scholarly approach to sensuality. Rather than focusing on experiencing senses and learning to make your peace with that, this book focuses on things such triadic familial relationships as it relates to oedipal sexuality. Well, actually that’s just the first few chapters. God help me, as I delve into the rest.

I’m determined to create an experience for myself and possibly for others that among MANY other things, include an in depth study of sensuality. This month as I prepare for the launch of the Goddess Life Community, finish writing posts for a sensual blog thats in beta and prepare this course for myself, I will focus on all things SENSE related. SENSATE. SENSUALITY. SENSES. SENSUAL. Upon further reflection, I realize “exploring the depth of my sensuality and sexuality” is actually one of the goals I set for myself for my 27th year anyway. I’m right on target! Check out the rest of my goals here!

I tend to write about sensuality a lot mixed in with sexuality. Just click the tab over to the right that says “Sexuality | Sensuality” to see what I’ve written so far. I also recently had a conversation with the Goddess Megan Monique on “What Does It Mean to Be Sensual” via the Goddess Life radio show. Check out a recording of the broadcast here. –> What Does It Mean to be Sensual? with Megan Monique 



.“The spiritualization of sensuality is called love……” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

My attitude is always one of sensuality, aggressive enthusiam and a  kind of outrageousness in my expression. ~ Sally Kirkland


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