The Goddess Philosophy to Feasting

While on an ever evolving quest to become a 50% vegan, 25% vegetarian and 25% raw foodist, I find I must be intentional in my consumption. One approach that always works when I’m willing to try it is “The Goddess Philosophy.” I know I am of God. The magical, holy matter than makes up the stars, the water and all that is wonderful is a part of me. Knowing that my body is a sacred temple, I like to view myself as that divine goddess. Years ago, I started occasionally asking myself this question before I would feast on something.


It is a simple yet profound question for me. It truly influences my eating habits. I try it on everything.

Would a Goddess drink a glass of water? Yes she would. She would drink the life giving water all the time! (this encourages me to drink it more!)

Would a Goddess eat strawberries? But of course! All goddesses, i.i.  true divine beings would dine on the berries that the earth provided.

Would a Goddess eat chicken nuggets from McDonalds? No. Its simply beneath her. It is not natural sustenance. It would in enhance diminish her divinity. (no joke)

Would a Goddess eat a popsicle? Perhaps an organic 100% fruit one?

Would a Goddess eat beef? Perhaps she’d eat beef if that cow had a life where it was honored and where she became the warrior and killed it herself.

Would a Goddess eat a snicker bar? Nope. She wouldn’t even know how to pronounce those words.

A Goddess would eat grains and greens and fruit juices. A Goddess would feast on the bounty that the earth naturally provided. Everything else is subpar. Chemically created flavors and textures packaged as food would not pass her test.  When I approach my eating habits with the Goddess Philosophy, it works.

It stops me dead in my tracks from drinking soda or it encourages me with pure joy to try yet another blend of a Green Smoothie.

What I have to work on is asking myself that question every time.

I want every moment of my life to be a holy act. One where every step is intentional. I want my feasting to be tied to spirit. I am a divine act and every aspect of my life should reflect that too!

What are your thoughts?

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