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Earlier this month I met up with Chai to celebrate the birthday of her website. We dined at one of my favorite brunch places in Brooklyn, iCi located in Fort Green. iCi is actually where I met Chai for the first time in real life on January 1, 2011. This brunch was right off the tails of Chai and I spending some time together in Washington DC as well. I’ve enjoyed every moment of her and was delighted to celebrate this accomplishment with her. Chai wrote about the brunch and posted a bunch of pictures too. You can find them here. I will only post a few pictures here but you can check out the rest on facebook.

I met a number of ladies for the first time and we had a wonderful time talking about food, natural hair and everything in between. From looking at my pictures, it looks like I need to work on my focus a bit more with my 50mm. I also need to be more aggressive and kind of get in people’s faces when taking pictures. I get very shy and will stand at a distance. Because of that, I did not get a close up picture of every woman that attended and I wish I had done so. I need to work on being a more assertive photographer. I’ll get there one day. Enjoy the pic!

iCI serves fresh, local and seasonal food. The Kale burger was a big hit at the event!

Also, Chai had Red Velvet cupcakes delivered for the event from Sydney’s Sweets. They were great but her icing was phenomenal!!! So unique and different!

"Sheena LaShay"

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