Happy Birthday Aerial Amy!!!

Today is the birthday of a very special woman. It is of the utmost important that I celebrate her, right here and right now.


Last year around this time, I happened upon Amy’s blog while looking for more information regarding the pole community and what I found was a gold mine. Her blog was THE place to go for all things pole. She was a former S Factor student, now instructor. She posted on music, events, clothes & gear, interviews and more. Her blog had and still has everything I needed to feed my curiosity about pole. She’s such an awesome resource. But the more I read, I realized she was also so ridiculously cool. I remember reading a post about her taking a circus class with some friends and I thought, “I want to be her friend. She seems so awesome.” Then it hit me that she was based in NYC. I just KNEW I had to meet her.

I was given that opportunity once Amy started talking about her ideas for starting a Flight Club in NYC for polers. I immediately wrote a comment about wanting to be a part. Amy gave me all the info I needed and I showed up. Amy hasn’t been able to get rid of me since.  I can no longer count the number of Flight Club nights I’ve gone too. Since then, because of Amy, I’ve performed in a showcase and I now take classes with her. Which by the way, she’s an amazing teacher! She just has the perfect blend of everything you need. She has the technical intelligence to teach you how to get the most out of every strech, move and spin. She has the skill level to teach you how to be a pole demon. She has the emotionality to make you weep in her movement and then she has the fire to teach you amazing booty bouncing techniques. AMY ROCKS!

What I love about her is this. Amy creates opportunities. Amy has high standards, crazy BIG goals and such an intriguing mind. I like watching Amy in Flight Club when she’s working something out in her mind. You see her near the pole, slightly moving with the gears in her head cranking a mile a minute. And she’ll be in a pole trance for a few moments doing a simple yet complicated movement over and over and over again. And then over and over and over again. Just completely in the zone. Then later on you see her flying around the pole and you see that special little move in its entirety and its the best thing ever! And it started as a vague notion in her mind. I like that about her. She gets an idea and she runs with it. Amy is a true, creative, artist always pushing herself.

She’s also just that cool girl that you want to be around, who has the perfect hair and perfect body and great personality and she’s so awesome that you don’t even have a criticism but you know you’re just so not cool enough for her crowd, then Amy sees you across the room and she smiles and says, “Hey SHEENA!!!” Amy is how the cool girls are supposed to be. Cool, awesome but accepting, giving, nice, sweet, sassy and welcoming. I sound like a fucking groupie. I don’t care. For those who know Amy, my praises are the least of what she deserves.

I appreciate Amy because she’s intelligent, quick witted and full of fire. She’s passionate, artistic and fun to be around. And when all else fails or you’re tired or don’t know what to do, she will booty bounce with you. And listen, life can be hard or the pole can leave you frustrated at times or anything can happen and I just think its important to have someone in your life that when the shit hits the fan or you need a little laughter or fun, they’ll resort to booty bouncing. It makes such a huge different. Trust me.

Amy, thank you for being EXACTLY who you are. Thank you for being such an amazing woman, a wonderful friend, a kick ass teacher and a leader in the pole community. I can’t put into words how much I appreciate all that you’ve done. I wish I knew another language because then I could say you are awesome twice!

Amy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May all your sassy, sexy, booty bouncing dreams come true. I hope you dance and fly and spin forever. You teach me on and off the pole. I have been encouraged, pushed and challenged because of you. I’ve laughed, learned my true bra size and become addicted to laser hair removal because of you too. I’ve learned so much because you are so giving, so open, so resourceful, so helpful, so friendly, so welcoming and so so sweet.

Just yesterday it was International Women’s Day and its important to me because women have been surpressed, oppressed and overpowered throughout history and some of their stories have been disgarded and silenced, especially as it relates to art, sexuality and their passionate lives. I’m learning their names and their stories and their contributions but what I also realize is that AMY is one of those women who make a difference too. Promoting art. Creating opportunities. Fostering community.  Encouraging and Embracing issues of sexuality and sensuality. Documenting her experiences so that the story lives on. Making waves, splashing around and sharing with all that she meets. Amy is making history and she should be celebrated.

Happy Birthday Gorgeous. I wish you a sassy, sexy day and I hope every inkling in your mind, every dance idea you have….every desire you want…I hope it all manifest ten fold in your life.

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