Moments: Brunch at The Park

A few weeks ago, my friend Holly came to town and I was able to spend some quality time with her and Hank. One of my favorite moments with her was brunch at The Park on Sunday morning. Holly is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and massage therapist that works at Present Moment Retreats, Purescapes and Triangle Wellness. Hank is an actor, artist, comedian and vlogger. The Park is an amazing place to have brunch. They have a variety of mimosa flavors like mango and grapefruit. Their homemade bread that’s served as you wait for your meal is to die for. The decor and ambiance is right up my alley. The service was impeccable. The waiting area has a fireplace with owl statues. And sometimes as you eat, a little bird passes right by. I kid you not.


"The Park"

 I was really fascinated with the decor of the Park. I loved the natural setting, the art work, the colors and various themed sections throughout the multi-leveled restaurant. It was a visual field trip.

Bread and Butter

"The Park"

This bread rocked my world. So much so that we took some to go!

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. "The Park"

Breakfast was so calm and delightful after a long night of bar and club hopping with the gang. Even though it was a Sunday late morning, due to the size of the restaurant and perhaps the location, I found that it wasn’t too crowded. We didn’t have too wait too long to be seated and once we were, everything on the menu was delightful.

Hank and Holly

  "The Park"

 I met both Hank and Holly through the infamous Wheaton College many years ago. This was the first time I’d seen Holly since college. It had been over 7 years. We’d kept in touch via facebook but it was quite the reunion. We found ourselves discussing fetishes, sexuality and overt naughtiness over our bread and butter. It was great!

If you’re in New York and you have a chance, please go have brunch at The Park.

To see more of my images from The Park, CLICK HERE.


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