Tethered To The Pole ~ S Factor, Level 6

tethered In October of 2011, I received an email from S Factor regarding our assignment for the week. The assignment was titled, “Tethered to the Pole.” I had to read it again because I didn’t quite understand it. I thought it was a mistype. I thought, “There isn’t a way to be tethered to a pole. If you do it, you can’t pole dance. You can’t spin. You can’t invert. You can’t be sexy.” OH how wrong was I? Didn’t I just write about judgement?  This assignment, for me, was taking it to another level.

According to the assignment, we were to either tie our hand(s), feet, waist or something to the pole. The string, fabric or rope could be whatever length you deemed it to be so. It could be whatever fabric you wanted. It could also be whatever color you wanted. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to being tied down. Being that I love to go all in, I spent a great deal of time playing with my scarfs, belts, strings and pieces of fabrics on my pole at home. Within minutes I quickly discovered what didn’t work. I knew I needed something that provided a bit of give. I realized my body reacted differently to the feel of different fabrics and even the length. Finally I landed on what has been my faithful companion for five months now. It’s a yellow piece of fabric that serves as a belt on one of my knit sweater dresses. The knitted fabric provides the perfect give that I need and its the perfect length. The color would be better if it were white or black, but in the interest of time, it was all I had.

At the point in time, I was taking pole classes at S Factor twice a week. One on Tuesday night and one on Sunday afternoon. This was during the time when ISIS the Siren started emerging in my routines. While my Tuesday teacher constantly used words like, “You’re such a tease. You’re a flirt. You love to play.” She had recently started switching her language to, “You’re a little mean today. She has a bit of an evil streak.” At the time I thought maybe the “SLY” in me was going through a phase and soon she’d get back to her toying ways. What actually happened was a complete split. Two sirens fully emerged during the process of this assignment and its been that way ever since.

First, let me emphasized that the manifestation of your inner siren/erotic creature/sexy vixen can experience the full scope of emotions, temperaments and extremes. Your siren may normally be a free-spirited, playful, happy little creature and then one week, she’s a bit more calm and reserved. That happens. Both my sirens, SLY and ISIS have a range of emotions, movements and temperaments. What is apparent however is that there are TWO! This assignment split them and made them both full-bodied creatures in their own right.

To really test the theory that something was happening to my dance and my siren, I decided to dance to the same song, tied in the same manner and dressed in the same way in both my classes. During the warm up in both classes, I was intent upon channeling each siren. I summoned ISIS on the Sunday class between my pelvic grinds and cat pounces and I summoned SLY on my Tuesday class between my hip circles and picasso arches.

Once it was my time to freestyle dance in my Tuesday class as SLY to Sonnymoon’s “Bungee Cord” where they constantly repeat, “cut the cord, cut the goddamn cord.” <– how apropos for the “tethered” assignment, SLY showed her stuff. There was a girl in the chair and throughout the dance I threw a coy, teasing yet loving little fit begging to be untied. I tried showing the girl in the chair every angle of my body, every way that I could move, I maybe even moaned or yelped. I pleaded with my hip circles. I gyrated. I reached for her lovingly. I really wanted her to cut me loose so I could be with her and play so more but she never did.

After the song was over my instructor Jill and I spoke. The dance was classic SLY. Even in my pleading for freedom, I was a tease. I was playful, sweet and sassy. It was an amazing dance!


Later, I danced to the exact same song, tied in the same way, wearing the same dress… (I would later learn that ISIS required different costumes while dancing)….and ISIS was most definitely NOT SLY. When I danced as ISIS, I was a pretty far distance from the person in the chair however throughout my dance, I could see the girl squirm uncomfortably. She was scared of me…of ISIS. Even though I remained tied to the pole for the entire song, ISIS was a threat. I moved seductively. I was sexy and had a great time but if ISIS could talk, if there was a phrase that captured that dance, it would go as follows, “Motherfucker, you are so lucky I am tied to this pole right now. You do NOT want me to get loose. I will devour you!”

Intense, I know. That’s how ISIS is and I do not judge her. After that class, I spoke with Ilov, my Sunday teacher about the dance. She described ISIS as being some ancient, regal creature that more than likely needed to be contained. She mentioned how it was in the best interest of the girl in the chair that I remained tied up. I agreed.

After that assignment, time and time again whether at S Factor, Flight Club NYC or even later during a two-week dance immersion program, I would revisit the “tethered” assignment. There was something about having a part of my body tied to the pole that I loved. I loved the tension. I loved the push and pull. I loved exploring the possibilities within the constraint. I loved trying to go to the edge of that rope and still not being able to break free. I’ve tried having both my hands tied to the pole, one hand, one leg and its no matter, being tied down activated my SIREN.

Later, I would even explore this in a more intense sexual manner than I ever had in my life and it further confirmed an interest? a fetish? a slight, naughty, yummy, delicious kink? of mine. Yes, tethered, tied down, restrained, bound, roped…..whether while dancing or during …. whatever… somehow sets my inner SIREN free.

Have you ever danced with being tied, tethered or bound? What was the experience like for you?

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