The RAGE of ISIS ~ Level 6, S Factor

This week in S Factor our assignment is “Rage Against the Machine.” The machine can be whatever you want it to be. All I had to do was hear my instructor Ilov say “RAGE” and I was good to go. On some of our assignments, we need clarification or elaborations on how we can explore that theme. I don’t think any of the women in class needed help with understanding RAGE.

I still haven’t decided what the machine will symbolize for me but I’m having fun trying to find music that moves me. There are a ton of angry songs but it needs to be an angry sexy song. The song also needs to not only be danceable but Sheena danceable. Well, truth be told, it needs to be ISIS danceable. That’s who will show up Sunday with spikes and straps and ties and a riding crop and boots.

This is ISIS’s assignment.

ISIS, which is one of my inner sirens, i.e., erotic creatures can be categorized as aggressive, assertive, evil, sadistic, mean, angry but alluring and sensual. She is a Siren. She will seduce you. You will love her. Your eyes won’t leave her. But she’s probably luring you to your death. She likes whips, crops, spikes, chains, restraints, ropes and the thought of choking the person she’s giving a lap dance to. She’ll move her hips over your body and maybe even lick you lovingly but she probably wants to slap you too. ISIS is a dominatrix. She’s a beast. A monster. She takes no prisoners and she wants to punish you just because you’re breathing. She’s egotistical, selfish, self centered and knows the world revolves around her. She’s unforgiving, pushy and an absolute joy for me to explore in my dance class. I don’t judge her. She is who she is. She makes no apologies, gives no prefaces and the suffering she dishes out never ends. She is a descendant of Medusa, Pandora and every wicked witch of the west. I think the only redeeming factor about her is that the death she gives you will metaphorically be beautiful. She’s fierce, scary and a complete asshole and unless you’re in my S Factor class, you will probably NEVER see her. Trust me, I don’t let her out. Not even in my other pole dancing classes.

So as men tioned in a previous post, I have a habit of making playlist for different moods and assignments. This “RAGE” one fits the bill with ISIS. Within two weeks of taking S Factor classes, almost two years ago I created an “S Factor – Fuck You” playlist and I’m constantly adding to it. I wanted to share with you some of the songs I’m considering for RAGE. Normally, I’d probably dance to “Jesus for the Jugular” but I’ve danced to that many times before. On the off chance that I don’t find the PERFECT song for ISIS to truly let it all hang out in all her wonderful glorious-ness since this assignment is meant for her, then perhaps I may still dance to that.

S Factor – “Fuck You” playlist or RAGE

1. Hang You from the Heavens by The Dead Weather

2. Hope It Felt Good by Nikka Costa

3. Taking Over Me by Evanescence

4. Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin

5. Fight by Wine O

6. Won’t Back Down by Eminem featuring P!nk

7. Faster by Rachael Yamagata

8. Till I Collapse by Eminem and Nate Doff

9. Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song is About You) by Janet Jackson

10. Trust a Try by Janet Jackson

( check out this live performance of this song. This performance is classic ISIS world.)

11. Stain by Mz Ann Thropik

12. Get the Fuck Up by Yelawolf

I have two secret songs that I’m more than likely gonna choose between but I don’t want to mention them just yet. I’ll tell you after class. :-) Ultimately what I want is a grimly, sadistic, heavy throbbing song that talks about something dark like death, hell, the devil, torture or something but in a seductive way but gritty and can there be the sound of chains in the background? Anyone know the name of that song?


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