Vernal Spring Equinox 2012

"Sheena LaShay" “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”  ~ Margaret Atwood
On Tuesday, March 20th 2012 at 5:14 Universal Time (1:14 A.M. EST) we enter into the Vernal Spring Equinox.

Oh, what I would give to witness and take part in ancient shamanic customs that involved women in fields, bare foot, dancing to and for the earth, bidding the blessing of fertility, renewal and abundance. Oh what fun and inspiration it would be to take part in such feminine energy. Does any one still do this? Are their bohemian, gypsy souls still dancing barefoot with the earth offering love and energy to the spirits that were before, that are to come and the ones that are right here?

What is the Spring Vernal Equinox?

In layman’s terms, the vernal equinox which happens to be spring for the northern hemisphere is when the length of night and day across the world are almost equal. Almost but not quite. In the southern hemisphere, they are transitioning into their autumn.

What does the Spring Vernal Equinox mean?

This time of year is generally associated with rebirth, renewal, growth, planting, and fertility. <– Ever wonder about that huge emphasis on “eggs”. I find such an obvious tie with fertility. Fertility of the earth, of the womb, and as it relates to feminine energy.

Personally, this time of year is a sensual experience for me. I can smell the dirt and flowers. I can feel the rain and thunder storms. I can hear the birds. I can see the magnolia trees. I can taste the fresh vegetables that the earth shares. I can move my body to new songs. I love my freely and openly. I can wear dresses and feel the wind on my legs. Spring is about laughter, outdoor brunches and beer gardens. It’s about fairy tales, late night walks and new adventures. Its about sunlight and magical sunsets. Its about candy, popsicles and dinner parties. It’s a time to birth new ideas, try new dishes and explore love my fully.

What do people do for the Spring Vernal Equinox?

Wiccans celebrates the Festival of Ostara. Many religions, with a huge focus on Christianity celebrate Easter, the day they believe their savior rose from the dead. Around this time Passover is celebrated amongst the Jewish culture. There’s also the Festival of Nowruz marking the beginning of the year in the Iranian calendar or more commonly known as the Persian New Year. There’s also the Chinese Perspective on Spring, which is viewed through the Five Phrases or Wu Xing.

Sheena’s Ritualistic Approach to the Vernal Equinox

  1. Incense and Oil Burning. When friends gather in my home, one of the first things they always notice is the smell. “It smells like Sheena,” they say. That is my usual mix of tobacco flower, africa spa, green tea, ylang ylang and rosewood, among a few others. On top of that, I usually burn incense too. The smell generate produces a different quality of scent. As the seasons change, I like to try new blends to create a timely sensual experience for my home. My spring scents will be rose, lavender, rosewood, jasmine, sandalwood, myrrh, african violet, sage, musk and frankincense. I won’t burn them all at once but I’ll play with different blends throughout this season.
  2. Adorning the Home.  The Vernal Equinox is an excellent time to incorporate elements of feng shui into your home. Feng Shui is about directing the energy throughout your home to bring harmony, balance, peace and abundance. A lot of people use this time of year to do the customary “spring cleaning.” Purging, rearranging and simplifying is a great way to balance the energy in your home. This season I will focus on being more intentional about the plants, flowers and herbs I bring into my home. I’ve read that wood plants like bamboo represent birth, regeneration, the direction of east, spring and creativity.
  3. Moving Meditation & Flow. I want to fully immerse myself in my body’s flow. I’ve scheduled a dance class for tomorrow evening to welcome the spring and it’s my hope to fully activate the energy of my body. I want to connect my senses with the world around me. The feel of the wood floor. The sound of the music and the drums. The wind my motion creates. Not only will I welcome the spring with a special dance tomorrow, but I’ll also be intentional about finding my flow throughout this season. New seasons bring on “new” energy and I want to combine the equinox energy with my feminine and erotic energy as I explore my movement and flow.
  4. Candle Lighting. I light candles for peace and meditation. I light candles as a soothing remedy to the harsh lights everywhere else. I light candles when there are no words, to represent light and as a remembrance. I like candles for inspiration and sometimes simply because they bring me joy. I have a candle I bought last year from Anthropologie similar in style and fragrance to this one. The candle smells of dirt, grass, magical forest and naughty fairies. I plan on lighting it tonight. I’ve been saving it for the Vernal Equinox because it reminds me of spring! I tell you, they added magic to the beeswax when they made this candle. It smells truly divine.
  5. Verbiage & the Written Word. The different seasons affect the tone of my writing and how my art manifest itself. I will take note of this and use this energy to my advantage. It probably also means more light filled, happy messages on Sociology of Sheena. So that’s great for you! 🙂
  6. Solstice Affirmation. I will develop a spring solstice affirmation. This will articulate itself in my journal. This will be something I reference . 
  7. Mindful Wandering. I want to spend some time researching and learning about spring festivals, customs, rituals, traditions, myths, folklore and stories.
  8. REMEMBRANCE. Maura passed away in May of 2009. This is something to remember. The spring also reminds me of her. Flowers. Rain. Yellow. Joy. Birds chirping. Her personality and her smile reminds me of spring. My grandmother also took this time to nurture her outdoor garden when she was alive. Her house ALWAYS had tons of plants but if the weather permitted and she had the land, she had a garden. She would grow all sorts of vegetables and I loved this about her. James..oh dear James…our relationship took flight in the spring. We spent so many days outdoors walking, in parks musing and exploring Wheaton while sharing our dreams. Tinu passed away in the spring as well.  There is simply a lot to remember.
  9. Adventures and Exploration. In May I will be attending a 10 Day Silent retreat. Silent meaning no talking, no reading and no journaling. Its just me, my thoughts, whirling, yoga, vegan & raw dishes and lots of nature walks. I need this. I really need this for myself and I look forward to it and the profound way in which it will affect me.

This spring I’d like to continue my focus on wholehearted love, empowerment, passion, connection and expression.   I plan on playing in the rain, getting my hands dirty and sticking my nose in a lot of flowers. I will delight in every dance. I will sing new songs and I will let my spirit soar. What are you going to do this spring?


"Sheena LaShay"

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