What I Take to Every Dance & Every Date

My pole dancing life is no secret at work. How could it be when I had an 8 foot pole delivered to work instead of home and had my boss attend my first public pole showcase? Most people know if they see my Pan Am bag with my riding crop sticking out the back what day it happens to be. Its what I always take to my pole dancing classes. I was leaving work a few weeks ago with the usual bag and accessories in tow. The following happened.

Colleague: Have fun at dance class!

SLY: Oh, this isn’t for class. This is for a date!

I’m wiser, different and have evolved but once a Siren, always a Siren. At work, they are calling me a “maneater.” Wait no, I mean “active dater.” Which truth be told, this is nothing new. I have been actively dating for years. The newness is that if a guy turns out to be a psycho or simply amazing, I tell them about it. Before, I was mum on it all. Plus, I’m working on a project involving dating and relationships as well as another one involving sexuality and sensuality, so my life & adventures and my trusty riding crop come up often.

Whether I’m heading to pole dancing or a date, my heels and riding crop are usually in tow.

P.S. That particular date that was mistaken for a dance class, yeah that date and that man….will go down on history.

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