What Is S Factor? ~ Immersion Reflections

In October of 2011, I participated in an 11 day dance immersion program for 9+ hours a day, that included dance, discussion, group work and various creative exercises to explore movement, sensuality, sexuality, feminine issues and more. This program is an initiative through Sheila Kelley S Factor and this particular instance took place in New York City.

One of our exercises was to answer the question, “What Is S Factor?” The following is what I wrote when given three minutes to complete.

S Factor is every woman. It’s a journey connecting your soul to your body. It is senses. It is music. It’s fabrics, shapes, lights and shadow. S is safety, sanctuary and shelter. S is feisty, sassy, sensual, sexy, naughty and coy. S is a tease. S is your true essence. S is an offering to yourself. To others. It’s a sacrifice. S is a ritual. S is a place and a state of mind. S is a community. It’s vulnerability, it’s hidden and transparent. S is what you need and make it to be. S is what you bring to it and take away. S is whatever you offer. S is two hours a week to unleash, unwind and let loose. S is every day. It’s in the subtly. It’s in the suggestions. S is whatever you need and want. S is a push and a pull. S is tension and release. S is passion. S is emotions. S is the entirety of your being in whatever state she’s in wrapped in a freestyle. S Factor is my home where i set the pace, the rules and agenda. S is mine. S is Sheena, SLY & ISIS… all the bits of me.


playful. pleasure.

titillating. freedom. beautiful. bliss. feminine. slow.

yummy. connection. unknown. raw. respect.

bonding. erotic. oozing. change. hot. comforting.



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