In My Defense ~ Level 6, S Factor

We were assigned “the 90’s” in S Factor class this week.  As per usual, I scoured my own music collection for  inspiration but only found Mariah Carey and she wasn’t going to work for me. Although in her defense I did once dance to her version of “You’re Bringing On The Heartbreak.” She just wasn’t going to work this time.

I hit the Internet for inspiration and for a second the only thing that popped up was Backstreet Boys. I sent a crying plea on facebook for help because I just couldn’t pole dance to AJ, Howie, Nick, Brian and that other one.

I finally compiled a list based off VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of the 90’s  and the Best Singles of the 1990’s. When it came time to dance I decided on Criminal by Fiona Apple. I had some substitutes in case I wasn’t feeling it or in case the warm up inspired something else or in case some one else danced to her.

I know of myself that I dance best when I have a story to tell, an obstacle in my way or a specific reason & person in the chair. Since Fiona wasn’t my normal go to person, I definitely needed a story to keep me engaged. I didn’t want to “act” this dance. I wanted it to be real.

I decided my goal was to convince the person in the chair to be my lawyer. …. AND THAT I DID.

I usually start my dances away from the chair. I prefer to start in my own space, please myself and only when I’m ready do I pay them any attention. Then maybe, if I feel like, maybe I’ll touch them. Most often I don’t.  But I needed a lawyer this time so I began this dance with my head buried deep between the legs of the person in the chair. (Yea, I just wrote that.) It went uphill from there. I spent the entirety of my dance pleading and begging. Throwing my body this way and that. Tossing my hair. Leading with my ass. I even turned to the audience for support. Sometimes my bad ways took over and I’d forget for a second that I was trying to get the lawyer and I’d go back to seducing. I seduced a pole, the floor, a chair…then I remembered my defense, so I walked back to the person in the chair. I was almost about to stumble and decided to flow with the stumble. Some thing about it made my ass stick out or my hips. I really didn’t give a fuck.  I just needed the lawyer.

By the end of the song and dance, I got my lawyer. Ilov’s feedback was that she was reminded of Roxy in Chicago. I smiled. GOAL MET. I got the lawyer. In my defense, Mae West said it best, “When I’m good, I’m very good. When I’m bad, I’m better”


What I found in this dance versus my normal dances which are very self indulgent was that there was a difference in the intent of my movement. When I dance for myself, its different than when I’m dancing for an audience, or for a loved one or for a performance or because I’m pleading. My dances also very depending on my theme or story. My intent to explore rage for instance is different than my intent to beg and plead. I love these intricacies. I love seeing how some of the same movements can mean different things when the intent or receiver changes. Do you notice these differences?


Songs that made my 90’s Playlist.

Man in a Box by Alice in Chains

Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana

Sour Puss by Portishead

Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G.

All is Full of Love by Bjork

Tyrone by Erykah Badu

Creep by Radio Head

 Sock It 2 Me by Missy Elliott & Da Brat

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