MOJO ~ Oozing with It


I’m not sure when or where I became enthralled with the idea of “mojo.” Perhaps it goes back to my flirtatious ways and siren tendencies.  It plays into chemistry, charisma and that IT factor. It’s that extra umph that seeps out of the pores of that captivating person you meet. It’s their energy, their aura, their irresistiblility. It oozes and lingers and stays on the tip of your tongue. It’s sensual, sexual, platonic and all-powerful.

I recall one person recoiling when I used the phrase, “my mojo.” Turns out they thought “mojo” meant semen. I don’t know what’s with people.

According to the dictionary, MOJO is

1. The art or practice of casting magic spells

2. An object, an amulet or charm that is believed to carry a magic spell

3. Uncanny personal power or influence

4. Sex appeal or sex drive

5. Charisma

 Words that come to mind when thinking on MOJO

Energy. Appeal. Power. Influence. Erotic. Fire. Passion. Spark. Spirit.

An excerpt from a conversation circa 2007.

SLY:  My interview went well.

Lola: What? You are finished already?

SLY: Yeah. The director said, “I love your energy.”

Lola: Congratulations. That sounds good, girl.

SLY: Ha! That’s my mojo. People can’t resist.

Lola: You and your mojo. Since freshman year we have had to hear about this.

SLY: Was I talking about mojo then?

Lola: Yes, most definitely.

SLY: I talk about my mojo all the time.

So that’s my word for the month. This month I want to focus on my personal MOJO. I want it to be on fire. I want to light a spark and leave you asking for more. I want to channel it, direct it, control and disperse it. I want to explore my sexual mojo, my professional mojo, my every day walk mojo. Here’s to lingering on the tip of your tongue. Here’s to the SIRENS.


Express ~ Utter Your Spirit Sounds | Energy ~ Focus Your Power

Explore ~ Choose Your Own Adventure


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