Spiritual Eroticism ~ Level 6, S Factor

"Sheena LaShay" Recently I took a class with instructor Mai at S Factor during the “Rage” assignment week and I was pleasantly surprised with how our “rage” was summoned. In my weekly class with Ilov, I was going for kill. (Click her name or find the link below to find out about that experience.) I definitely wanted to “kill” someone when she took my riding crop and tried to prevent me from getting it back.

With Mai it was different. This further confirms that I should try every teacher and every studio to learn every intricacy that I can. From the very beginning of class, I knew I was in for it. Mai challenged us to engage our kegel muscles as we moved through our spin waves and and spin circles. I found many things interesting with this. One, not only was I attempting to flow with breathe, engage my core and work on balance, I was now activating my kundalini and bidding my sexual energy to awaken. Isolating all these task and fusing them into one fluid movement seemed daunting but after a moment, I wondered why I’d never done this before. We were only into the first phase of our warm up and I felt an energy I hadn’t before.

I’d encourage you to try this at any moment during your sensual movement and pole dance. We say it’s sensual and sexual… and/or athletic but there’s more to it than just that. Usually the sensuality comes to play when I’m present and engaging all my senses. The sexuality rears its head in hip circles, hair tosses, eye contact and more. The power and strength reveals itself too. The subtlety shows up at times and my inner show girl makes an appearance as well. All sorts of things come out when I dance.

There is a deeper, older, spiritual energetic force that we can summon too. It’s ethereal, internal and timeless. It’s tribal and exotic. It’s  the essence of our spiritual and sexual power. It’s the eroticism that only we can control in ourselves.

I may be going off the deep end. I swear I’m not on an acid trip. It’s just in doing those kegels during spin circles, my chakras aligned themselves, my kundalini uncoiled and my sexual and sensual power combined to form an erotic, spiritual force that amazed me.

Thank you Mai. Thank you so much! I look forward to taking class with you again.

Has anyone else ever had this experience? I want more of this EVERY day in my life!


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